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This study examined the effect of internet on teaching of social studies in secondary schools in Ekiti State with particular reference to Ikere Local Government Area.  In order to achieve the objective of the study, percentage distribution method was used to calculate the relevant data.  The data were analyzed with this method on the effect of internet on teaching of social studies in this said area.  The study revealed that the effect of internet on teaching of social studies in said areas to be desirable to the members in the society, it could be observed that financial assistance should be open to students.  It contributes immensely to the welfare of students. Based on the findings of this study, some recommendations where made in order to solve the problems of teacher’s and students on internet in the Local Government Area.

1.1            Background of the Study
The use of internet in teaching social studies is a relevant functional way of providing education to learners that will assist in imbibing in them the required capacity for the world of work. Very few job today do require the use of skill in technology collaboration team work through teaching social studies with internet. It fundamentally  changes the way we live, learn and work.
Teaching  approaches changed from the traditional teacher-based instruction to learner based where teacher facilities learning and this can be largely achieved with internet. In order to achieve this, teachers do not only need formal training in internet, but also substance and ongoing training to help them integrate technology into their teaching.
Most approached focus on how to use internet in teaching learning of social studies. Gibson (2001) & Sambo (2002) improved efficiency is necessary, if for no other reason than the increasing complexity of knowledge skills for survival itself.
Social studies teacher need to be aware of the possible and probable use of information and communication technology (internet) in order to identify techniques and methods that further their education goals.
1.2            Statement of Problem
This study intends to find out how internet affects the performance of students in social studies, the teaching competences to be acquired by social studies in training.
1.3            Research Question
Questions are formulated as a guide to the study
1.     Is there any significant difference in the performance of social studies student using method of information communication technology.
2.     Is there gender effect in the use of internet?
3.     Is there any significant difference in the teaching competences of teacher in the programme?
1.4            Purpose of the Study
The purpose of the study is to find out the influence of information communication technology internet, on student performance in social studies. That is to distinguish between the students that are knowledgeable and literate in the use of internet. Also, it is aimed at finding out with knowledge and use of internet perform better in social studies than those who are not internet knowledgeable.
          Furthermore, the study will also examine the influence of gender in performance in social studies in senior secondary school.
1.5            Significance of the Study
This study is design to examine the effect of internet on teaching-learning of social studies in Ikere Local Government. It would throw more light into the casual relationship among the student, the outcome of the study