Background to the study

The issue of information communication technology and youths morality cannot be over emphasized one finds it almost difficult to identify its impact on the moral life of the youngsters particularly in our secondary schools.Information communication technology is very important in the lives of people across the globe, these technologies take many forms such as personal computers, smart phones, the internet, web, projectors and online games, in fact the list is growing constantly and new forms of these ICT are working their way into every aspect of daily life. Meaningful development and survival in a modern society can only be attainable through all-round Education, efficient infrastructural facilities, ethical orientation and comprehensive security of the people(Aminu,2014;Oyekan2006)

         A culture of adequately advanced technology is synonymous to a culture of economic development, political independence, Educational advancement, self-sustenance, self-reliance and all round national development.ICT is very vital for the well-being of man,in this modern times everybody to certain extent has benefited from technology in fact it is almost impossible to live a fulfilled life without utilization of technology

          The introduction of some forms of ICT into teaching learning experience such as the use of internet, games and simulation, television has not only made teaching and learning experience effective and efficient but also refreshing.The global system of mobile communication(GSM) has more to offer than can ever be explored and explained by this paper,it serve both economic, Educational and entertainment functions,it is not just a luxury but rather a necessity.However the gain of these technologies are rapidly becoming overweighed by the moral decay,social maladies and ethical decline brought about by the new ICT among the youths of Nigeria thus the use of ICT has become a subject of sharp debate among many people,it is viewed as two edged sword, it has exerted both positive and negative influence on many people.ICT though a product of man’s invention is born out of creativity and innovation,it is not evil as some might have thought but the use into which we put them.But our youths have been greatly affected by negative effect of technology especially those of them in secondary schools who falls within the critical stage of development,they exhibit all behavioral manifestation that can be viewed from the various  domains of normal development like physical,social,cognitive domains and all this have a way they sharpen the responses youngsters gives to situation and events and adolescent stage has to do with pleasure seeking behaviors,experimentations,violent behaviors,abstraction, sexual agility,infact one can describe it as a period of storm and stress, by trying to ease himself, the adolescent engages in several activities and technology provides a ready aid for them to perfect their taught, little wonder pornography, blue films, violent videos, rap music, immoral and sex seducing text messages are prevalent among youths of this age and moral emphasis taught in the society have little or no meaning to the youths

Statement of the Problem

   The essence of this study is to examine whether the use of ICT by adolescents in school, has affected their moral and ethical behaviours at home and in the school, and whether the Nigeria school system and the society have faired well since the advent of ICT or not.

There is no gainsaying the fact that, since the advent of the telephones, internet, the facebook or the u-tube, the society and the school have had their fair shares of the ills associated with ICT. For instance, the advent of ICT has caused some of the Nigerian youths in schools, to imbibe the culture of lying, stealing electronically (i.e. the famous yahoo-yahoo) that is in vogue now, cheat at examinations and tests. Others corrupt their minds through the viewing of weird or pornographic pictures in the internet. These, by implication, has led some of the Nigerian youths or adolescents in schools, to become corrupt, promiscuous and immoral in behaviour or attitudes.

Not only that, the use of ICT by the young ones may have made many adolescents to become deviants, obtaining by tricks (OBT), prostitutes, bullies, disrespectful to authority figures in the society and the school. All this come as a result of what they hear, learn and view from the use of ICT materials that have invaded the entire world today.

The above identified problems gave rise to the study of ICT and moral behaviour of adolescents in schools.



Purpose of the Study                 

            This study is set out to investigate the  influence of information and communication technology on moral behavior in some selected public secondary  school  in fagge LGA

.This study is to achieve the following

1.     To determine  the state of ICT awareness among secondary school students moral behavior

2.     Investigate if  ICT usage affect  secondary schools moral behavour

3.     Find out the relationship between ICT and moral behavior of secondary school students

4.     Investigate if  ICT affect the moral development of secondary school students

Research Questions

1.     What is the state of ICT awareness among secondary school students moral behavior

2.     To what extent does ICT useage affect  secondary schools moral behavour

3.     Is there any relationship between ICT and moral behavior of secondary school students

4.     To what extent does ICT affect the moral development of secondary school students

Research Hypothesis

1.              There is no significant difference between ICT awareness and moral behavour of secondary school students

2.              There is no significant usage of ICT among secondary school students

3.              There is no significant relationship between ICT and moral  behavior  of secondary school students

4.              There is no significant effect of ICT on moral development of secondary school students.

Significance of the Study

         This study’s findings will create an avenue by which teachers, parents, schools, counselors and others can know the effectofICT on youths development and as well devise ways to assist the youths with  technology.This research will also  help parents on how to give proper orientation to their children on how to use ICT and the need to know how to inculcate every bit of information they acquire through books, internet, text messages, television, radio etc. Counselorsand schools administrators will also learn why they should guide students in the way they use modern ICT so as to down play the negative usage.Teachers will also see reasons why they should be close to their students so that the students can open up to them when faced with difficult situations and the students will learn the proper use of ICT.The findings of this study will serve as resource materials for other researchers working in relevant areas.

Delimitation of the Study

        Delimitation of a research work can be defined as the boundaries of a research work.A study of this nature cut across wide range of the entire society before generalization, this study covers only secondary school students in  Fagge local Government area of Kano State

Definitions of Terms

            The following are the definition of the major terms to be used in this study

ICT:This is the process through which information is recorded, synthesized and communicated for better understanding

Impact: This is the effect which an action has upon the moral behavior of an individual or group of individuals

Moral Decadence: This is a situation in which the appropriate standard of behavior is tampered with or negatively affected

Cognitive domain:This is an aspect in which education tends to develop in an individual or group of individual to ascertain better mental judgement

Morality: This is the degree to which the behavior of a person or persons is adjudged right or wrong in conformity with the laiddown standards in the society.



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