This study examined the effect of unqualified Physics teacher on the secondary school students performances in Area of Akoko North West Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria.
          Questionnaire was used to collect information from the teachers and students of senior secondary schools in Akoko North West Local Government area, Ondo State, Nigeria.  Simple random sampling technique was employed to select the research design was used.  The data collected were analyzed with the used of percentages.
          It was found out that a high percentage of students in secondary school perform woefully in physics both theoretically and practically.
          The result of the study revealed that interference is factor that inhabits physics learning among secondary school students.  It was also discovered that poor learning skills in availability of study materials.  Lack of participation in practical shows the place of learning.
          Recommendation were made on how to improve the performances of students in physics thus:
·                    Parent should provide their children with relevant materials for the study.
·                    Classroom should be conducive for learning
·                    Adequate trained and qualified physics teachers should be recruited.
·                    There is need for careful selection of content of the syllabus to reflect the learning background.

Title page
Table of contents
Background of the study
Statement of the problem
Purpose of the study
Research Question
Delimitation of Terms
Review of Literature
Effect Qualified Physics Teacher

Research Method
Research Design
Population and Sampling Procedure
Research Instrument
Validity of Instrument
Reliability of Instrument
Administration of Instrument
Data Analysis
Analysis of Data, Result and Discussion
Background of the study
          Poor academic performances among secondary school students in Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State of Nigeria.  Although this woeful academic performance affects all subjects in the secondary school syllabus, it is obvious that the rate at which students fail examination in physics is more alarming.  The agent concerned with educating the learners at this level the home, the school and the government who are often blamed for the poor performances of the students are greatly worried over this disturbing situation.
          Hence, there is the need for a dramatic change of this terrible phenomenon with a view to restoring the academic excellence recorded in most secondary schools in Nigeria in the past.  In the views of the fact that physics has been given the place of pride in the National policy on Education (2004), it therefore, becomes imperative for the look for ways of getting rid of the problem militating against the effective learning of physics since physics is a branch of science which serve as a background of every science subject e.g. Engineering, medical doctor etc.
          Students academic attainment is to large extent determined by the socio – economic status of the unqualified physics and parents, the health of the children and general environment to which they are exposed among others.
          In their performance in physics acquisition and competence, Usman (2003), identified factors such as the desire to attained high level in science.
          Therefore, the place of physics and performances of teachers cannot be over-emphasized.
          On physics learning, it has been reasonably proved by erudite persons that whenever other science come into contact as in case of Biology and Chemistry, there is a bound of interference.
          There will be always mutual influence of the science in contact at all levels analysis practical, physics theory and objectives physics as claimed by Samuel (2002).  Consequently, contact situations of science can produce in individual life career.
          In Nigeria today, people realize the fact that students fail physics in their examination.  Many people blame the school for students poor performances of students due to unqualified physics teachers.
          This research work becomes necessary because it will expose the factors militating against effective learning of physics, the extent to which such factors could inhibit the learning of physics, the extent to which such factors could inhibit the learning target of science in SS 3 and step to be taken by the home, the school and government in order to improve students performances in physics.
          Finally, not much work has been done on students performances in physics.  The researchers hope that this work will be of educational value to Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State of Nigerial ministry of Education, federal ministry education and to the teaching profession in general.
Statement of the Problem
          This study was undertaken to find out the causes of poor performances of learner in physics in selected secondary schools in Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State of Nigeria.  It is generally believed that students performances in physics are influenced positively or negatively by their teachers.
          If this belief is true than the question arises: what are the element in the learners of effects of unqualified physics teachers that facilitate or hinder competence in physics?
Purpose of the Study
          The purpose of this study is to find out if students performances in physics is influenced by unqualified physics teacher.  This is with reference to SS 3 students in Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State of Nigeria.
          This study will examine the practical, theory and objectives of physics.  As it affect their performance in physics.  Also the comparison will be made between the performances of learners exposed to practical physics and objective and those who are not exposed to them, more over, the study will examine the roles of teachers, the government and the society in the performances of learners in:
·                    Are students exposed to adequate learning skills and facilities by the parents, teacher government and the society perform better in physics than students who are not exposed to them.
·                    Are learner exposed to physics practical by their teacher better than those who are not exposed.
·                    Do students taught by qualified physics teacher perform better in physics than those who are taught by unqualified physics teacher.
Delimitation of Study
          The study is aimed at focusing attention on SS 1 classes in Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State of Nigeria.
Significance of the study
          The result of this study might provide relevant hints on how students low performance in physics.  The findings of this study could be of immense value to teachers of physics, curriculum planners, guidance and counseling units.
          Moreover, the study could help to parents, the government and all other agents of education to affects positive changes in the performances of students in physics.
Definition of Terms
·                    Practical physics: This is the part of physics which deal with the participation of both the learner and the teacher on what they have been taught theoretically in the classroom.
·                    Theory: Theory in physics simply means the act teaching and learning process where the teacher will teaches the physics theoretically in classroom.


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