This study investigated the effect of truancy on academic performance of primary pupils in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State contemporary research tends increasingly to criticize and describe the ills of our educational system. It discussed the factors that caused truancy.
Furthermore, this research work tried to find a possible solution to the effects of truancy on academic performance of Primary school pupils in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.
Questionnaire and oral interviews were used to identify the truants in researchable schools and the reason for not staying in school.
Conclusively, the study made some recommendations which the government academicians and those concerned with educational policies should take into consideration in order to attain educational goals.

Title Page                                                                                
Table of Content                                                                    
Background of the Study                                                                 
Purpose of the Study                                                              
Statement of the Problem                                                                 
Research Question                                                                       
Significance of the Study                                                                 
Scope and limitation of the Study                                          
Definition of terms                                                                           

Review of related literature                                                  
Concept of Truancy                                                              
Causes of Truancy                                                                          
School Factors                                                                    
Pupils Factors                                                                        
Consequences of Truancy                                                     
Solution of Truancy                                                              
Research Method                                                                    
Research Design                                                                     
Population of study                                                                
Sample and Sampling Technique                                            26-27
Research Instrument                                                                27
Data collection procedures                                                      27-28
Validation of Instrument                                                                   28
Data Analysis                                                                          28-29

Result                                                                                                30-31
Discussion                                                                               31-35
Summary                                                                                 36
Conclusion                                                                              37
Recommendation                                                                     38-39
Suggestion for further studies                                                 39
REFERENCES                                                                      40-43
APPENDIX                                                                            44-46

Background of the Study
For a long time now, attention has been drawn by the society and the press to the increasing number of children who for one reason or the other fail to attend school both male and female pupils.
The various government in Nigeria have continue to meet over this problems about three years ago, the Ondo State Government instituted an inquiry to find out why a large number of pupils lift their school for some where to indulge themselves in various undesirable behaviour.
Menditation have been carried out the cause and treatment of truancy the problem of truancy still remain among primary school pupils in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.
The topic therefore, is the study of the cause of truancy among primary school pupils in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State. This findings, which includes various remedial approaches, will be of great value, not only parents, guidance and teachers but to all other counselors as well.
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors causing truancy among pupils in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.
The major purpose therefore was:
i)                   To ascertain the frequency of truancy in male and female pupils.
ii)                To investigate how truants and non-truancy pupils perceive the problem of truancy.
iii)              To provide solution to the problems of truancy on the study area.
Statement of the study
In recent years there had been increasing interest in pupils playing truancy and which had adverse effect on the academic performance of some primary school pupils.
According to peter (2001) discipline coveys the motion of submission to rules or some kind of orders in this case, school rules and regulations are flouted. But peasant farmers, children who attend school usually succumb to their parent who force them to go to farm during farming season at the expensive of the school activities. It is possible that during farming season, truancy may be come major problem in primary schools in this area.
The intention of study, therefore is to ascertain the validity of the ascertain that period truancy is rampantly during farming period and is also that a cause factor of our want in an area may not necessary be the cause factor of school in another area of town.
Truancy problem in Ilaje Local Government Area deserve a special action.
This has backward the study.
Research Question
The following research questions were raised.
1)    What is the rate of truancy among the primary school pupils?
2)          What is the relationship between the performance of foster and non-foster?
3)          Does the attitude of teachers affect the performance of the pupils?
4)          Does the sex of the teacher affect the pupils regular attendance?
Significance of the Study
Truancy is related to concept of discipline therefore this research will be of immense benefits to the school authorities, parents, pupils and school counselors.
It will open the eyes of school authorities more than ever before to have the through grasp of the truancy problem. The result of the study, will help the school authorities to educate parent on the causes of truancy among their children and also, to assist them to adjust on the welfare of their children.
Truancy is an adjustment problem and therefore relevant to guidance and counselor which calls for need to have trained counselor in our school to help in combating the problem of truancy thereby enhancing the development of the pupils national development as well.
In conclusion, truancy, which is prevalent in our primary school, is a discipline problems that can militate against the good intentions of the government on primary school education. It will therefore, be a meaningful exercise to carry out an investigation into the causes of truancy among pupils with specific reference to primary schools in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.
Scope and Limitation of the Study
The study area is limited to Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.
It is situated between latitude 10­0N and longitude 80E and latitude 50S and longitude 60W of the Greenwich meridian.
Ilaje Local Government Area is situated on a relatively low land about 100 metres above sea level. The climate is tropical raining zone. Season can grouped into two zones namely rain and dry season.
The annual rainfall is between 100 and 150 centimeter, which spread over a period of at least eight months of the years within the month of April to October.
It has an average temperature of not less than 250C. The vegetation and the soil conditions in this area encourages the growth of both cash crops and food crops such as cocoa, coffee, maize, palm tree, cassava, yam, cocoyam etc.
Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of this area, over 75% of the working population engage in farming and other occupations including trading, driving, palm wine taping, weaving etc.
Also, in terms of educational position, there are 35 primary school, 15 secondary school, one National Training Institute (N.T.I) (Grade Two) and Nigeria Certificate of education.
Concerning the religion of this Area, Christianity, Muslim and Traditional religious are practiced.
Lastly, our economics of this area are progressive. Over 50% of working population is engage in industry rather than any other work.
Also, most of their wealth comes from factories and industries are: Garri industry, palm oil industry and sawmill industry!

Definition of Terms
The following terms have been operationally defined for the purpose of the study:
This could be described as a person who deliberately stays away from duties at school or on a job because he dislikes the place the people or responsibility.
Peer Group: This means age grade that comprises person, playmates of roughly the same age academic achievement.
This means the result of pupils as a result of his/her continuous assessment. Also, means the pupils career success in life after school, as a result of the influence of education on them.
Academic Performance: This is the grade mark that an individual pupils scores in class work or examination as used in comparison with the effect of truancy on their (pupils) academic performance.
Psychological: It means the refusing to let person go to somewhere.
Maladjustment: This could be termed as a person that unable to adopt himself properly to his environment.
Proliferation: this means grow or reproduce or rapid multiplication of things.

          CHAPTER TWO
In this chapter, the research reviewed some related literature on the effect of truancy on academic performance of primary school pupils.
Specifically the following areas were reviewed:
i)                   Concept of Truancy
ii)                Causes of Truancy
iii)              Solution to Truancy
iv)              Summary
The Concept of Truancy

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