This project traced the causes of bush burning and the extent of the destruction of life and properties in Akoko North West Local Government Ondo State.
A questionnaire containing fourteen items constitute the main instrument for the collection of data.
A total eighty farmers were eventually conducted on their farms, which was visited by the researcher.
The results showed the following: that the major causes of bush fire in the local government include:
a)                 Indiscriminate setting of fire on bushes for the purpose of cultivation or hunting.
b)                Throwing of lighted cigarettes on the ground.
c)                 Intentional setting of fire on neighbours farm because of personal animosity.
The extent of fire outbreak in each case have been very devastating.
At the end of the work suggestion and recommendations are also made.
Title page                                                                            
Table of contents                                                                
List of tables and figures                                                                 
1.0     INTRODUCTION                                                        
1.1     Background to the study                                                       
1.2     Statement of Problem                                                   
1.3     Objective of the study                                                   
1.4     Relevance of the study                                                  
1.5     Research Question                                                                 
1.6     The study Area                                                         
1.7     Definition of Terms                                                      

2.0            REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                    
3.0     RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                
3.1            Research Design                                                           
3.2            Population and sample                                                 
3.3            Instrumentation                                                            
3.4            Data collection                                                            
3.5            Data analysis                                                               
4.0     DISCUSSION AND RESULTS                                  
5.1     Summary of Finding                                                    
5.2     Conclusion                                                                    
5.3     Area for future research                                                         
5.4     Recommendations                                                                  

1.0            INTRODUCTION
Bush burning has become a rampant problem in the life of Nigerian farmers as a whole and Akoko North West Local Government Ondo State area in particular.  However, the case under investigations is a pointer to the damage done and to find out the extent of damages done to farm products and other properties.  For sometime, no effort has been made to determine or quantity the extent of the bush fires and damages done to life and properties.
Furthermore, the study is purely concerned with bush fires in the study area, possible causes of this hazardous phenomena to the local farmers and to suggest possible remedies to the problems created.

1.1            Background to the study

Bush fire can be describe as the process whereby forests or grasslands are being set on fire especially for agricultural purposes.
Bush fire is as aid as man.  It has being in existence over millions of years ago during the early man.  The ancient men stroke two stones to make fire and at the end of their cooking left over bunches of fire and occasionally causing fire.
Moreover, the primitive stages agricultural practices, peasant farmers after they might have cleared their farm sites would set fire on the dried refuses.  This process is known as “slash and burnt system” and it is usually adopted in t he southern part of Nigeria where they practiced bush fallow system of Agriculture.
Attention was not quickly directed to bush fire not until recently when bush ablaze is seen as dangerous to men and the society in general.
1.2            Statement of Problem
The most serious ecological problem faced by the inhabitants of Akoko North West is that of bush burning.  This has become a menance in the town over a long period of time.  The extent of damages done by bush fire in recent years is enormous.
However it has been noted that the threatening scale of bush fire in the study area resulted in the following.
1)                Massive burning of large extent of farm
2)                Burning of buildings and valuable documents
3)                Destroyed of life and properties
4)                The local government spending huge amount of money enlightenment programmes on bush burning.
1.3            Objective of the study
In general, this study is designed to assess the damage done by bush fires to life and property and make suggestions to prevent the practice in our society.
Specifically, the objectives of the study are to:
a)                 Trace the causes of bush fire in Akoko North West Local Government Area.
b)                Determine the extent of damage to life and properties in the study area.
c)                 And suggest possible remedies to prevent the menance of bush burning.
1.4            Relevance of the study
The project is designed purposely to examine fire disaster in Akoko North West local Government area, causes and effects with a view to making suggestions to prevent frequent occurrences.  In recent years, fire disaster has caused a lot of damage to life and property.
Despite all the decrees and edicts made by the state government against bush burning, it seems all their effort have in meaning.
1.5            Research Question
The research will attempt to discuss the following
1)                What are the causes of bush fire.
2)                What are the implication of bush burning on various crops and properties.
3)                What are the various effect of bush burning on soil nutrient.
4)                What are the effort being made by government to stop bush burning.
1.6             The study Area
The study area covers the whole of Akoko North West local government area of Ondo State.  The area lies between longitude 5O10, and 5O30, North of the equator.  It covers an area of approximately 765,000 square kilometers.
Its boundaries: Akure to the South, Ikaram Akoko to the West and Ajowa to the North Eastern part of the study area.  The area is characterized by the tropical wet and dry climate.  This climates reflects the result of the inter-play between the rain bearing North wet moon soon winds and the North West trade winds analogous to the a parent movement with the sun.  the West season is between March and October with a short spell in August.  The dry season started from November till early March.  These are the period when bush burning is rampant.

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