This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between educational facilities and student Academic performance in Ikole local Government Area of Ekiti State.  The variables examined were staffing quota and student performances, survey of physical facilities and students performances, school environment and students performance.  Descriptive survey research design was used.   Population constituted the entire students of all the secondary schools in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Five (5) secondary schools were randomly selected with ten (10) students in each of the schools through purposive random sampling technique as sample of the study.  The findings revealed that there is significant relationship between the staffing quota and students performances.  The study also revealed that there is significant relationship between the survey of physical facilities and students’ performance in secondary schools Ikole local Government Area of Ekiti State.


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Table of Contents                                                                   



1.1            Background of the study                                                       

1.2            Statement of the study                                                

1.3            Objectives of the study                                                 

1.4            Research Questions                                                      

1.5            Significance of the study                                                      

1.6            Delimitation of the study                                                      

1.7            Definition of Terms                                                     


LITERATURE REVIEW                                                      

2.1            Introduction                                                                

2.2             Educational Facilities and performances                     

2.3            Physical facilities and performances                            

2.4            Library facilities and performances                              

2.5            Personal facilities and performances                         



3.1            Research Design                                                        

3.2            Population of the study                                                  

3.3            Sample and Sampling Techniques                             

3.4            Research Instrument                                                     

3.5            Administration of research instrument                         

3.6            Data Analysis                                                       


RESULT AND DISCUSSIONS                                             



5.1            Summary                                                                      

5.2            Conclusion                                                                 

5.3            Recommendation                                                         





1.1     Background of the Study

With the recent trend in educational development in Nigeria, we appreciate not only the extra ordinary growth of the nation educational system in all spheres but also the objectives and philosophy of its policy on education.

The relevance of education facilities including human and materials resources towards the achievement of education goals can not be over emphasized. 

Provision of educational facilities make learning in the school system more productive and mainful.  Educational objectives are enhanced when there are qualified teachers to handle specific subject and availability of required equipments for science and technical subjects that makes education.  More practical and involves the psychomotor domain in the educational pursuit. 

Unfortunately, inspite the huge investments in education, there had been a number of problems facing the education system.  Most of the old and new schools are facing resource crisis there are insufficient and unstable personnel resources for the schools.  The learning programme is being jeopardized and this subsequently leads to the yearly declining in the students performance in their final examinations, which is actually responsible for the yearly declines are the basic motive behind this study, which has not gained much attention of our educational researchers in past years in Nigeria.

1.2            Statement of the Problem

Educational facilities and student academic performance in secondary schools called for investigation.

It has been mentioned earlier that this aspect of educational research had been neglected for a very long time.  This assertion then calls for the need to explore into the neglected section so as to bring the awareness to these who are concerned and the secondary schools in general. 

This is necessary for educational facilities both personal and materials and its undoubted contribution toward the excellent performance of our secondary schools.

1.3            Objectives of the Study

The purpose of this study are:

i.                        To identify the student performance in secondary schools in Ikole Area of Ekiti State.

ii.                        To identify the relative effects of student performance in secondary schools.

iii.                        To find a lasting solution to the educational and student academic performances in secondary school Ikole area of Ekiti State.

1.4            Research Questions

The following research questions were formulated to guide the research work:

1)                Do instructional materials make learning meaningful, realistic and permanent?

2)                Does the use of instructional materials arouse the interest of the student?

3)                Does the use of instructional materials make student to be active rather than passive?

4)                Does the use of instructional materials help the teacher in saving time and planning his lesson?

5)                Does the improper handing of instructional materials affect the teaching of economics?

1.5            Significance of the Study

It has been mentioned earlier that this aspect of educational research had been neglected for a very long time.  This assertion then calls for the need to explore into the neglected section so as to bring awareness to those that are concerned and the society in general.  The necessity for educational facilities both personnel and materials and undoubted contribution towards the excellent performance of our secondary schools.

The major strategy for the achievement and equalization of individuals access to educational opportunities as laid down in the third national plan (1993 – 1996) is to ensure that all schools promote sound and effectives teaching in particular.

To this end, it is hoped that the study will provide useful information to teachers, school administrators and government alike.

1.6     Delimitation of the Study

This study focused attention on the availability of facilities and how they affect the overall performances of the student in secondary schools.  The study concentrates on a few selected secondary schools in Ikole local Government Area of Ekiti State.  Some senior members of staff as well as some educational administrators play important roles in the research exercise. 

1.7            Definition of Terms

EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES: These are the essential resources that are needed for the effective operation and maintenance of any secondary schools learning.  It includes both personal and material resources.

PERSONNEL: In this study personnel is referring to as the staff, persons employed in the school.  In short teachers qualify and effectiveness is referring to as personnel.

EDUCATION: There are many definitions of education his future usefulness to self, society and to the nation as a whole.

FACILITIES: Is the provision of adequates building, equipment, teachers etc. for development and success of education in a country.


educational facilities


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