The study seeks to find out the implication of human resource development on the economic development of Umuna in Orlu Local Government Area in Imo State. With the use of survey design and random sampling of corporate workers, civil servants, private company workers and labor in general, questionnaire administration is used to acquire information and simple percentage for generalization. The study found out that development can be achieved through accessible health care and affordable education. The study concludes that government of the country has to intervene to make this happen. To the benefit of all the people to have free medical care for deadly diseases and also affordable education for the masses.


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1.1     Background of the Study-       -        -        -        -                 

1.2     Statement of the Problems - -  -        -        -                 

1.3     Purpose of the Study -   -        -        -        -        -                 

1.4     Significance of the Study -       -        -        -        -                 

1.5     The Scope of the Study -         -        -        -        -                 

1.6     Research Question -       -        -        -        -        -                 

1.7     Research Hypotheses -  -        -        -        -        -                 



2.1     The nature of Human Resources -     -        -        -        -                 

2.2     Importance of Human Resources -    -        -        -        -       

2.3     The concept of Human Resources Development- -       

2.4     Objectives of Human Resource Development-     -        -       

2.5     Avenues for Development Human Resources -    -        -       

2.6     The Concept of Economic Development-   -        -        -       

2.7     The Relationship between Economic-         -        -        -       

Development and Human Resource Development

2.8     Current issues in Nigeria -       -        -        -        -        -       

2.9     Summary of Literature Review -       -        -        -        -



3.1     Research Design - -        -        --       -        -        -       

3.2     Area of the Design -       -        -        -        -        -        -

3.3     Population of the Study -        -        -        -        -        -       

3.4     Sample and sampling technique -     -        -        -        -

3.5     Instrument for data Collection -        -        -        -        -       

3.6     Validation of the Instrument - -        -        -        -

3.7     Reliability of the Instrument - -        -        -        -       

3.8     Method of Data Collection -    -        -        -        -        -

3.9     Method of Data Analysis



4.1     Data Presentation and Analysis

4.2     Summary of Finding


5.1     Discussion of Finding -  -        -        -        --       -        -                 

5.2     Conclusion -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -       

5.3     Education al Implication -       -        -        -        -        -       

5.5     Limitation - -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -

5.6     Suggestion for further Research -      -        -        -        -       

5.7     Summary of the Study - -        -        -        -        -       

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1.1         Background of the Study


In Nigeria, it is quite obvious that we have been blessed with numerous natural resources witch include limestone, tin ore, coal, zinc, agricultural products and petroleum, to mention a few, we have also been blessed with human resources by reason of population of which emphasis is laid as regards to developing them.

          For a country to achieve economic development there must be the existence of both natural and human resources in that country. Meanwhile the existence of only natural resources cannot make a nation to develop economically, rather, it serves as its prerequisite.

          Natural resources are found on, in and beneath the land and sea while human resources are the efforts of man of harnessing the natural resources (uwazie 2009). By implication, without the efforts of human resources which act upon the natural resources and co- ordinates other factors of production, development cannot take place.

          Human resources occupy an indispensable position in a nation’s productive system as it is regarded as the active participant in production of physical capital of goods as we as the production of physical cash needed for the improvement of the rate of economic growth.

          The human capital is responsible in the mobilization exploitation and extraction of natural resources from its original or natural state to a finished product process. This is because it is the human factor that co- ordinate other factors of production and also actively participates in the harnessing of those factors to achieve utility.

The justifies the fact that “75% of the national income is contributed by human resources” (Uwazie 2009).

          Traditionally, economic growth and development has a positive relationship with the rate of quality human resources available in a country. Economic development can be achieved through increase in employment, per capital income, standard of living; low cost of living, favorable balance of payment, good medical accessibility etc.

          However, this topic selected in poised to analyzed the situation inherent in the Nigerian economy and assort or suggest solutions to it for the betterment of all and sundry.

1.2 Statement of the problem to date there has been obvious increase in economic activities in Nigeria. These economic activities constitute the source of income and revenue for majority of the population. This occurs due to globalization mobilization and civilization which now characterize the countries of the world.

In additions, the need for qualitative and quantitative correspondence in the increased labor force is required so as to commensurate the demand for skilled and semi – skilled personnel which will bring about efficiency of production.

          Conversely, there is increasing concern that the development of human resources has been hundred by some factors which includes corruption, unemployment poor and inadequate infrastructure, low standard or education, dilapidated value system etc. which bring about the problem of question. In what ways can human resources be developed in order to facilitate Nigeria economic development.

In summary, this study sets to find out if human resource development can head to economic Development.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

          Since the origin of man, there has been the existence of economic activities around the world. These activities began in form of trade by barter and later restructured into the present market system- exchange, buying and selling of goods and services in monetary terms. These activities rang from extraction, manufacturing, distribution to direct selling of goods and services.

All these activities are designed to accumulate wealth and capital of which human Resources play a vital role in it.

          The purpose of this research is to investigate the nature and importance of human resource development, identifying the short- coming involved in order to find out ways in which human resources can be developed to serve a bold step towards attaining economic development of Nigeria.

          To this end, this study will explore the best of my ability and information available to me, the validity of effects and information available to me, the validity of effects and contribution of human resource development towards the development of the economy of Umuna in orlu Local Government in Imo State Nigeria.

1.4 Significance of the Study

          With the knowledge of the fact that human resource is useful to the individuals, organization and government parastatals in all aspect of the economy this research is important because it throws more light on the various functions of human resources as it has been mentioned earlier that human resource is the active agent in the production process; it is also responsible for planning, organizing staffing, directing, coordinating other factors of production and in making decisions to facilitate production and in making decisions to facilitate productions. The development of the human factors of production, therefore, is synonymous to improving the quality of output, products and capacity of the labor force in Umuna in Imo State.

          This study will be useful to researchers, students, teachers, policy makers, curriculum planners, government and virtually everyone who loves the acquisition of knowledge.

          After this study, if the suggestions can be applied, then Umuna should be getting prepared for being listed as one of the developed city in Nigeria.

1.5 Research Questions

          With the aim of re- branding Umuna through human resource development, Umuna needs the total commitment and willingness of both her professionals in various fields and aptitude of human endeavor and the entire labor force/ working population to increase the rate of their growth and development as regards to functional improvement and productivity, so as to ameliorates the economic down turn and incidence of global financial crisis which is associated with economic depression. This study intends to find out the following information:

1. Is there any relationship between human resource development affect economic development?

2. To what extent does human resource development affect economic development of Umuna?

3. What are the conditions of human resource development to develop Umuna?

4. In what ways can human resource development serve as a bold step towards attaining economic development?

1.6 Research Hypotheses

          In order to critically examine this study, and verify the statement mode as the problem selected human resource development as a bold step towards the development of the economy of Umuna the null and alternative hypotheses are stated thus:

Ho: Human resource development has a relationship with economic development.

H1: Human resource development does not have a relationship with economic development.

          After this study, if the findings prove that human resource development leads to Economic development, I will accept the null hypothesis.

1.7 Scope of the Study

          This study is focused on Umuna in Orlu Lga in Imo state of Nigeria.

Human Resource development on one hand and Economic development on the other hand are two broad topics. This connotes the topics are two wide for an all- round research work given the time fr4ame involved, the constraints and other logistic problems.

          However, the study will only reveal the nature of human, resources, the importance attached to it; it will take consideration of whether there is any impact of human resource development on economic development. It will find out to what extent it’s development will after the development of the economy of Umuna.

          This research work will also stress on the cause of human resource deterioration and how possible it can be improved so as to ensure economic development. The issues to consider will include factors that contribute to human resource development factors that contribute to human resource development and current trends in actualizing human resource development.




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