A national curriculum conference was held in lagoes to review the existing educational system and to propose a better set of national goals. The National Policy on Education (NPE, 1969) several others were held subsequently. The recommendations eventually let to the formulation of the national policy on education in 1977 which was revised in 1981 (FRN) 1981, 2004.

The document spells out the philosophy for Nigeria education and presents the goals, purpose and orientations of various level and aspects of the education system. The section include: the philosophy of education in Nigeria pre-primary education, primary education, technical education, higher education, adult education, special education, education services, administrative of education and financing of Education with the universal primary education  in 1976, the nation embarked in a free primary education programme. The programme took off but before long, collapsed on account or poor planning faulty statistic and inadequate funding. The programme was proposed during the days of Nigeria oil boom but the days of economic recession caught up with it and as a result, the programme collapsed.

A lot of harm was done to the country as a result of the generally low quality of teachers recruited to man the programme the trainer were rushed through short term often ineffective training programme. The Universal basic education programme launched in September 1999 is designed as an improvement on the universal primary education.

Finance is no doubt the backbone of an organization be it profit oriented or a social service like education. Infact, it seems to have been responsible for most of the problem especially under school planting, management and have man resources.

Many of the problems in school arise from the fact that data on which the school must rely for assessing their financial record are inaccurate or are not readily available.

At time, there is the mismanagement of school finance due to incompetence or lack of quality staff to manage this money. Some school heads or proprietors lack formulation of simple budget system.

The schools too at time are not professionally trained; there is also the problem of insufficient provision of money to the school. This has given birth to multidimensional problem like inadequate school equipment and facilities, delay of staff salary and so on.

Adequate finance is essential for any development with proper and adequate finance. Proprietor would be able to plan and execute worthwhile education project, provide facilities for teaching and non-teaching staff.





Private secondary schools have been facing a lot problem in Nigeria. This problem mostly is a means of financing the programme of secondary education by individual private school in the country.

The managers of primary, secondary and tertiary institution in Nigeria are in consensus that these institutions are grossly under funded. Evidence exist on the degree of dilapidation that characterized the primary and secondary schools buildings in parts of country the non-payment of teacher salaries and allowance as a result of which strikes are of the order of the day, the lack of necessary teaching and learning materials at all levels of educational system, poor working condition of teachers in the country among other indices. It has also argued that financial mismanagement and lack of accountability by officials lied to diverting substantial resources from the educational institution to others ends.

Based on the above, the researcher decides to find out how the raised enumerated problem affects private secondary school in Ado.



The purpose of the study is to find out the existing problems of financing private secondary school in Ado Local Government of Ekiti State. This study is equally aimed at recommending possible solution for the financing of private secondary schools.

The project work also sought to:

  • Find out if lack of strong financial base affects the running of private secondary school.
  • Determine if poor financing of school have effect in the academic performance of the students.
  • Find out if high cost of goods and service contributed to the problem of financing private secondary schools.
  • Find out if increases in population of students have greatly contributed to ineffective running of private secondary schools.



This project work is significant in that it will benefit school administration, ministry of education, proprietors, all educational stakeholders and researcher who may want to write on this topic in the nearest future.



  1. Doest lack of strong financial base affects the running of private secondary school?
  2. Does poor financing of schools have effect in the academic performance of the students.
  3. Does high cost of goods and services contributed to the problem of financing private secondary schools.
  4. Does increase in population of student have greatly contributed to ineffective running of private secondary schools?



This project is based on the investigation into the problems of financial private secondary school in Ado Ekiti Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

This project will be limited to private secondary schools in Ado-Ekiti.

They are:

  • Christ the king college
  • Afolabi college of technology
  • Nova international secondary school
  • Benefolaring international school
  • Fountain of international secondary school





Finance: This is the act of providing fund for a person enterprise. It is also the provision of fund for the execution of a project.

Education: is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university, the theory and practice of teaching. It is also the aggregate of all the process by which a child or young adult develops the ability attitude and others forms behaviours which are positive value to the society.

Private Secondary School: This is an institution of learning controlled or that belong to a particular or group of people or government.

Financial problems: This is a situation or circumstance of lack of provision of money for execution of business or project.


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