Free Chinese Tablets and Phones

Free Chinese Tablets and Phones

2. Introduction
To start off, thank you for visiting this website ! Within this eBook I will discuss the method I use to get free tablets, phones, electronics, and other items from Chinese sellers online. Things I have received while doing this includes 2 7” tablets, headsets, phone cases, tool sets, and much more.
This is the first time I’ve decided to release this, and because I don’t want all too many people using it, a limited number of 15 copies are available. If you are reading this, then congratulations, you are one of the lucky 15!
The method contained in this eBook is 100% my idea, and has done wonders for me. I receive new items at least once a week and you can get much more depending on how much effort you put into it.
The method is 100% legal, and both parties will be happy with the outcome assuming you complete your side of the bargain.
3. Proof
What’s a method without proof? Worthless. Here are some recent items I have received by using my niche.
Chinese Headset, I use it on Skype.
Samsung Galaxy SII Phone Case – It protects my phone
7” Tablet, I do my eReading on this thing.
4. The Method
Finally, here is the method you have been waiting for! The method to my niche is translating sales articles for Chinese sellers. For every translation I do, I receive a free copy of the item I’m translating for. I have gotten email from OTHER sellers asking me to translate for them, and have set up quite a network, doing maybe 5 or 6 translations per month. The best I have gotten so far is a $210 10.1” tablet which has not yet arrived. I finished the translation work in about an hour. This method will work for everything imaginable, from cables, tablets, phones, cases, mini computers, and much more.
So how do we contact these sellers? We do so by using email. Go to and create a new account with a realistic sounding name. I usually use “Samuel Davis” or another generic American/British sounding name. They are more likely to do business with you if you sound professional than if an email with the name “” contacts them.
Take a look at the sites in section 5 to get an idea of where to look. Look for articles with horrible English grammar in them, you should know what they look like. Here is a good example:
As you can see, this is a perfect example of poor English. This seller has not invested money in a translator because most translators are too expensive. This is where you come in. You will send them an email containing something similar to the email I have sent below. It’s a canned speech, I sent out about 10-20 emails at a time.
Then simply wait a few days for a response, and you will receive one or more responses similar to the one below.
Once you have received a response, it is up to you to come to terms with the seller, but the article I showed above (the poor English example) took me a little over 40 minutes to successfully translate into correct English. For that service, I received the tablet shown earlier.
5. Sites to Target
There are a number of websites I frequent on the hunt for poor English. Some of them include:
Many more can be found by searching Google for terms such as “China tablet sale” or “Chinese electronic warehouse”.
On your first try, go for something cheap ($10<X<$20). After they get to know you and you build up trust, they will offer you the higher priced items.
6. Thank You
Once again, thank you for your purchase. If you need any help writing your own canned speeches or help finding your first deal, don’t hesitate to contact me via PM or Skype.

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