Npower Deployment/Posting Letter 2018: Print Here


Npower Deployment/Posting Letter 2018: Print Here

Dear N-Power Volunteers Network applicant,

Today, we are up to show you how you can print your Npower Deployment Letter. You can equally call it posting letter.

It is a letter that shows your deployment to your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). You need to have them in your npower document list for reference purposes.

If you have not printed yours, don’t worry, we have got you covered. You can do that straight away after going through this guide.

Before then, we want to believe that you have been punctual in your place of primary assignment. And that you have been taking your attendance regularly.

Your attendance determines if your monthly stipend will be paid or not. If you have issues with your monthly stipend,

If you have not been taking your attendance, check how to do that with your Npower Device here.

This guide is solely about how to print Npower Deployment letter 2018. Once you have been deployed i.e. posted to your PPA, you can print your posting letter right away.

You don’t need any special skill to do that. All that is required is your attention, take your time and go through this guide, don’t rush it so that you will not make any mistake.

How to Print Npower Deployment Letter 2018

If you have been deployed to your Place of Primary Assignment, kindly report and start your duties immediately.

Npower will communicate you on when to print your deployment letter, orientation and other things you need to know about Npower Programme.

The communication will be done via email, phone number or through your npower dashboard.

Always stay updated, bookmark and check daily for latest news on npower Recruitment.

How to Print Npower Posting Letter 2017/2018

Ok, we have said it all. Just do as instructed and you will not encounter any issues.

If at the long run, you encountered any challenge, do not fail to let us know. You can always send your complains to npower twitter page.

We do hope you now have good knowledge of how to print your Npower Posting/deployment Letter.


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