The study examined the utilization of Online Library Services among secondary schools students in Ado-Local Government. The study also  examined students awareness of  benefits of online library services, challenges faced by students in using online library service and investigate if there are online library service  facilities in Ado Local government area of Ekiti State. Related literature was  reviewed.

The study employed descriptive research design type. This research collects data and describes it in a systematic manner. Data are collected  and they are analyzed and reported without manipulation or distortion of any of the variables. The choice of a descriptive research design method is borne out of the fact this method focuses on people and their attributes which will help the researcher to understand and explain the effective utilization of online library services among secondary schools.  The population for this research was all the students in all the secondary schools in Ado-Local Government Are while one hundred and twenty (120) students were randomly selected from 6 schools i.e 20 students from each school. The random sampling technique was used for the selection. A test  re-test method was used to ensure reliability of the instrument. A sample of 20 respondents were randomly selected to respond to the questionnaire on two different occasion with a time interval of two weeks. The two result were compared using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Statistics which yielded a coefficient of  0.75 at 0.5 level of significance.

Result revealed that that most of students do not have the knowledge of online library service, most of the  students do not have online library. It is obvious from that data collected there are no online facilities in Ado Local Government Area.

 The study conclude that the challenges students face in the use of online library are  lack of maintenance on the few facilities available, lack of proper monitoring, students who are not computer literate cannot use online library, students laziness, students see online library as too expensive. Based on the finding, it was therefore recommended that; Government should introduce online library to all secondary schools in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Students should be encouraged to use online library and Teachers should always give students assignment that required the use of online










Background to the Study

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Questions

Significance of the Study

Delimitation of the Study

Operational Definition of Terms


Historical Perspective of Library

Concept of Online Library

Type of Library

Meaning of Online

Why Online Library

Functional Components of Online Library

Planning for Online Library

Implementation of Online Library



Research Design


Sample and Sampling Techniques

Research Instrument

Validity of Instrument

Reliability of Instrument

Administration of the Instrument

Data Analysis








Limitation of the Study

Suggestion for Further Studies





Background to the Study

Over the centuries, libraries services have been the keepers and distributors of books, journals, maps and other materials that are used by students in the learning process. They have also been the legal deposit of part of the products of scholarly publications – theses & dissertations, articles, technical reports, etc. In general, students have been patrons of the libraries of their schools. In order to make more contents available and thus benefit students and schools, pools of institutions have engaged in commuting items and/or their copies (Abbey, 2001). There is no reason for online libraries not to have the same functions of traditional libraries, except that they can add functions and value due to their online and networked nature (David, 2003),

Books and traditional items have been kept and distributed by the school  libraries. On the other hand, class notes, simulators, spread sheets and other materials created by schools have traditionally been made available by their authors through copies in an informal distribution situation. Maxine (2012) opined that the use of ICT – Information and Communication tool has changed the informal distribution to computer and networked based solutions. As consequence, a great amount of contents became available from computers lacking the necessary identification and access control. Identification (description of the online contents) is important for the search and retrieve actions by users.

David (2003) cited that online libraries are quickly becoming the norm at all level of education both home and abroad as ways to expand the materials available to students and to help them hone their research skills. But this laptop generation-whose idea of research is a quick troll through Google-needs to be encouraged to explore its school’s online libraries. The successful use of these libraries is contingent on several factors, including the way the screen looks and keywords used for searching. There’s also a strong link between class assignments and student use of libraries. ”

Online libraries operate at three levels (Fosmire, 2008). The first is online information. Second is specialized collections of materials, such as ones for engineers and scientists. Third is narrow collection of papers, research projects, or other materials that may be class-specific, assigned by professors. The latter would be similar to traditional reserved materials, but with the online library, they are available always (24hours in a week) to more than one person at a time (Fosmire, 2008).

As online libraries continue to develop and become an integral part of student life, the information management systems schools implement will be key to their usage, said Peter (2011). Secondary students see it more easier to read materials online than going to schools library this is because some students can spend more than 6 hours browsing through phones, and computer system while they find it difficult to go to school library to read due to distance from hostel and class room why some see it as stress. However, online library give them access to read materials, journals and paper on the topic which they are considering even in their room.

Jegede, (2010) define library can be defined as a room or building where books are kept and referenced. It is an area of multivarious  activities on book management. A library as a repository of knowledge, houses collections of books, both reference and general, technical reports, periodicals, journals, conference proceedings and the likes. Consequently, truth and knowledge can be found and acquired from the library through the aforementioned sources. The information contents of any of the collections can be recorded on microfilms, audiotapes, microchips and other materials traditionally kept in the library, which is charged with the responsibility of acquiring, organizing, maintaining, and judicial circulation of the books and other library materials through the various sections of the library, for efficient use of the library by the users.

Abbey (2011), opined that the acquisition, cataloguing, bindery and circulation sections of the library undertake the acquiring, organizing, maintaining and circulation of the books/library materials respectively. When the library through the acquisition section of the library acquires a book, its record is taken and accession number is given to the book after which the book will be sent to cataloguing section of the library. Under this section, the book will be carefully studied and given catalogue number before it will be sent to circulation section of the library as the case may be. The circulation section is responsible for circulation or distribution of books.

There are other sections like reference section, which provides reference questions and bibliographic service, and serial section where periodical, journals and related materials are kept (Omowumi, 2009). The library also houses special collections and also operates circulation control in which books are lent to users. In fact it is indeed a place of multifarious activities on book management (Choo Ming 2000).

Statement of Problem

In human endeavours, there are a lot of developments, researches, and discoveries, which result in multivarious production of publications and library materials. These have brought increase in complexity of library system and its operations. Most problems identified with students of secondary schools on the utilization of online library is that most of the students made mistakes in using the system because they did not understand the browser and operating systems. They also seemed unable to distinguish the difference between Facebook and Internet sites. It would appear that teachers and teacher-librarians must continue to work on technology literacy because lack of it affects the ability to find online information. Another problem found with students is that they spend time browsing unnecessary information online such as watching of films and playing games. It on this basis the study intend to investigate the utilization of online library services among secondary school students in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti.

 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the research is to examine the utilization of Online Library Services among secondary schools students in Ado-Local Government.

The study will also  examine students awareness of  benefits of online library services and challenges faced by students in using online library services. It  will also investigate if there are online library service  facilities in Ado Local government area of Ekiti State.


Research Questions

For the purpose of the study, the following research questions were raised:

  1. Are students aware of online library services?
  2. What is the level of students’ knowledge of the benefits of online library services?
  3. What are the challenges students are facing in the use of online library services?
  4. Are there online library services facilities in the Ado Local government area of Ekiti State?


Significance of the Study

The study will be of greater benefits to students, school management, parent and the society at large. Therefore, the findings of this research work will reveal to students the benefit of online library services. It would revealed to the students and school management  challenges facing the use of online library  service.

The study would contribute to existing knowledge and serve as a guide to students who may want to carry out research on this topic or related topic.


Delimitation of the Study

This study will be restricted to four (4) secondary schools within Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The study will consist of one hundred twenty (120) respondents among four selected secondary school in the above named local government.



Operational Definition of Terms

          The following terms are defined as used in the study:

A System: a set of computer use for collection of articles, journals, newspaper though online library

A Program: It is a set of instructions and procedures that tell the computer what to do when using online library

An Application: A program designed to perform particular tasks like browsing through google.

The Users: The user here refers to the students or the people who make use of the library

Automation/Computerization: It is a process of making a system to carry out its processes on its own. That without much helps from man.

Module: An independent unit that is part of a larger development. It is the same thing as sub-tasks.

Visual Library System: It is an application or program designed by researchers to manage library operations. It is a program designed with a visual programming language in which the user will make use of a mouse in operating.

Online library: It’s an electronic or online library where one can have access to books, journals, novels, articles, or any other information over net.




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