Today I Promised to Make a Break Down Of Mini Importation to Every Interested ENTREPRENUER Here…

Here You Have it….

Mini-Importation as the Name Implies; is the Art Of Importing Items Outside the Horizons of these Country, Bring it down to this Country and Sell to Consumers….

When most people hear the word “Mini – Importation”, They Start Thinking of A Truck Load of Container to Throw in (Like an Igbo man) Forgetting the word “MINI” before the “IMPORTATION”.

“MINI” means SMALL, so we’re not talking about HUGE items.

Here, we Import Small items which are very cheap over there, bring it here and sell it at a KILLER PRICE.

Imagine You Selling what you bought for #300… Selling it for 10,000 and People are Matching themselves over to Pay for it?

How does that sound? Cool right?.

Come Let’s Move Forward…

When we were in secondary school, we were taught Channels of Distribution… That is; The Flow of Goods..


And we were told that the Wholesalers&Retailers are Otherwords known as “Middlemen”..


In Mini Importation, There is Nothing like “Middlemen”…. Movement of Goods moves Directly from the Manufacturer – YOU (You can call yourself both the Retailer and the Consumer).

I know at this Point… You’re already Catching the BREEZE  and Eager to Join the League…..

You’ve got to go ALL OUT if You must Succeed in Mini-Importation.

Let me Throw In A Little Bit of Clarification Here Before We Proceed…

You know, You have been hearing me say CHINA CHINA all along, and you might be telling yourself ” Sheabi People used to say “Chinko” Things are not Good, they are Fake”

My Friend! Come Let’s do some Analysis here.

Just come with me…


Are You aware that 70% of the Products in the World are Manufactured From CHINA?

The Wrist watch you’re putting on right now is made in China…..

80% of Items in your Home are made in China…

Okay Let me use myself as an example.

The T-shirts I’m Putting on right now is made in China, My Earphone, my wrist watch, My Mobile Phone and even My Laptop I’m using to type these are all Made In China…

China is the Number one Source of all those Hot-Products you know today.

China is one of the Cheapest Manufacturers in the World Today and as a result, Big Brands like HP, APPLE and others make their Products through Factories Based in China…

To ensure the quality of their products are not compromised, US and European countries set very strict standards which the Chinese usually comply with.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because many people in Africa have come to suspect Chinese products to be low quality.

Now the problem is whom to guide you or lecture so you don’t fall Victims of prey

That is why I am here to guide you on identify quality products, how to get best price(more value for your money), how to calculate capital costs and estimate profit, how to sell on E-commerce sites, probably not loose money as well as how to sell on your own.

I think I’ve brief you on mini importation.

Questions are welcome.


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