Effect of instructional materials on the teaching learning process.



Background to the Study                      

          The use of instructional materials in small groups also has a therapeutic effect on student. They learn to work together, to share their thoughts and ideals, to reinforce each other and to respect each other’s views and capabilities. Peer groups become more cohesive with the use of audio-visual aids. With the proper use of these aids, there are opportunities for diversified acquisition of skills in teams, small groups or individually. In effect, activity-oriented education is greatly enhanced.

In many instance, teaches at all level of education discover that they have to pay individual attention to some of their students. This goes much further with the use of audio-visual aids, teachers are able to individualise their instruction so that within the same lessons period, the same lesson with varying  levels of strategy is specifically adapted to the use of maps, charts, models, pictures and drawings in the first instance, and further the use of sophisticated audio-visual equipment like the cassette recorder the loop projector and so on.

The use of audio-visual aids in teaching accounting fosters creativity both among teachers and among students. In the first place the teachers thinks out various way to present his lesson audio-visual aids secondly, various aspects or a topic can be presented during a lesson that would not otherwise be possible in teaching that topic without the use of audio-visual instructional materials.

Teaching instructional materials make the lesson interesting. They also reduce the difficulty of understanding a skill, and help improve student’s new skill through practice.  It is very importance for the teacher to plan carefully for the instructional materials he wishes to use at the time when he is planning his lesson. As far as possible, an attempt should be made in the scheme of work to indicate the kinds of instructional materials to be used for the teaching of different topics. This will give the teacher time to secure the instructional materials and become conversant with them. It has been the practice among secondary school teachers to indicate the audio-visual instructional materials they are going to use in their lesson notes in the apparatus section. In the development or presentation section, some indication is given as to how the instructional materials will be used in the lessons. This is practice that should be carried out at all levels of education by teachers who want their students to get the best from the use of audio-visual instructional materials.

There are useful programmes on radio and television that can aid the teachers in the classroom. Carefull planning is needed to get the best rewards from these programmes. Usually a time table of these programmes is distributed well in advance by ministries of education with the timetable are  teachers’ note and workbooks. Teachers should study the timetable carefully and select time that can be feted into their own class timetable for listening.

Audio-visual Instruction materials if used properly help to optimise ways not only of communication with and instructing  students, but also of bringing out clearly their mistakes and virtues through instant feedback from video or cassette tapes.

Combs A. (1067) highlights that some of the advantages that can be derived using audio-visual materials include the possibility of a teacher giving a lesson without his physically being present in class. He added that it also make students and their teachers to use their initiative to its utmost limits.

The importance of teaching materials cannot be under emphasize, hence the need for this study.

Statement of the Problem

          The use of  instructional materials in ;earning cannot be overemphasized  duettists importance in he teaching learning process many teachers use them in the course of instruction. Some use them effectively while some do not use them at all either because they do not know their importance or because they do  not see  take into cognizance the appropriate instructional material to be used.

This study is undertaken to highlight the important of instructional materials that can be used to enable effective learning. It also wants to discuss the effectiveness of these aids to the reaching learning process in the state. This will enhance effective learning and increase the standard education in  Ekiti State and Nigeria in general

Purpose of the Study

          The research project intends to look at the effect of instructional materials on the teaching learning process. Specifically the objectives of the study are to identify the major characteristics of teachers in selected private schools in Ikole Local government  area of Ekiti State.

  • To discover the instructional naterials usedin private school in Ikole Area.
  • To identify the effects of instruction materials in the teaching learning process in private schools in Ikole
  • To discussed the problems face by private school teachers in the use of instructions materials in their schools

Research Questions

The following research questions were raised for the study.

  1. What are the major characteristics of private teachers in Ikole local government area of Ekiti state.
  2. What are the different types of instructional materials available and used in private school in Ikole.
  • What are the effects of instructional materials on the teaching learning process in private schools in Ikole local government area.
  1. What are the problems faced teachers in the use of instructions materials in private schools in Ikole


Significance of the Study

          This study is significant in a number of ways. Basically, this study highlight the importance of instructional materials in the teaching learning process. It also discusses the effect of instructional materials on the teaching and learning process.

This study highlight the problems of faced by teachers in the use of instructional materials and suggest solution to the problems.

Finally the study is a contribution to the pool of knowledge in the field of educational technology.

Delimitation of the Study

This research could not cover the whole of Ekiti State due to time factors finance and size. It was therefore limited to Ikole Local Government area of Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State were used for the study.

Definition of Terms

It necessary to define some terms used in this study to make for  proper understanding of what he writer intends to communicate. However, there are few terms to be defined. The are;

Teaching: Teaching is a process by which teacher guides learners in the acquisition of information learners in the acquisition of information, knowledge skills, attitudes and beliefs”.

Learning: Learning is the change or modification in the behaviour of an organistaion as a result of experience or as reaction to stimulation.

Instructional Materials: They are materials which the teachers could use to cover ideals, information message, knowledge to his students.

Visual Materials: They are aids that appeals to the sense of sight.

Audio –Visual  Materials: They are educational materials which can be seen and heard simultaneously e.g. television, tape records.

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