This project was designed to look into the mode of survival by teachers a distressed economy in Ekiti  south local government area of Ekiti state.
The findings of this study indicated various mode of survival is not the time, the findings adopted by the teachers during the distressed economy the fact that the mode of survival Is not the same.  The findings of the study also indicated  various mode of survival adopted by the teachers during distressed economy as trading, purchase ( buying goods on credit) assistance from couple, travelling to seek help from people. Making external examination, fashion designers, hair dressing, getting assistance from co – operate bodies and distribution or sharing of food items from the school farm.
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Table of content
Table of contents
Statement of the problem
Purpose of the study
Research question
Significant of the study
Scope of study
Definition of term
Literature Review
Meaning of teacher
Meaning of distressed, economy and distressed to the economy
Consequences of distress to the economy
Mode of survival adopted by government to solve distress economy
Influence of distressed economy among teacher
Primary of literature review
Research methodology
The research design
Population of the study
Sampler and sample technique
Research instrument
Validity of the instrument
Administration of instrument
Data analysis
Research question 1                                                                          
Summary, conclusion and recommendation
Limitation of the Study
Suggestion for their study
Research questionnaire
1.1 Background of the study
It has been generally observed that Nigeria is one of the third world tries. Nigeria is also related 10th position among the poorest countries in the according to worldbank period report of 2001. Many sectors in Nigeria as agricultural, education and industrial as well as oil and soon have been facing a lot of economic problem. Many of these sector usually face with all problems. It is also observe that many workers in those sectors are not only paid. There are evidence  that  teacher as one  of the unit  in the educational sector have been victim of irregularities in payment of salaries and advances. It is also  observed that many people are running away from the teaching profession. Many school leavers are not ready to seek teaching  appointment and  those who found themselves in the field are still looking for her appointment somewhere else. Reason for  this is the irregularities payment of teacher salaries. Due to  the economic hardship, teacher have been facing a lot of ridicules, before a teacher  can secure an apartment to rent it will cause  him or her of problem, many landlords are not  ready to rent out their houses  to the teachers. They believe that teachers are very poor and they cannot afford the payment of  the rentage. In the beginning  of their notice,  thy will write “ house for rentage not for  the rentage of  teachers”  many teachers spend nothing than six to eight month if not for a year looking for accommodation before  they can secure it furthermore, teachers children always suffer to pay their school  fees is a problem not to talk of buying text books and other learning materials this put away of the children among the students who perform low in the school, since necessary earning materials  were not provided for them.
In addition, teachers who have two or four children cannot afford to finance  them  they have to pick of the children that they believe to be brilliant to continue their education while the remaining children have to learn draft work this was a result of in payment of their salaries and entitlements
I could remember in early 90’s f not t grace of God some of their children that were in higher institution would not have been able to complete  their academic pursuit due to his hardship. Similarly in any social gatherings many are look down on teachers. Let take for example, if they have to call people to the high table or they are introducing special dignitaries, they will never  invite or introduce teachers  in such occasion. Within the family, people don’t have regard  for teacher for example, if they want to pick somebody in the family to cheiftancy, they will not pick teacher, despite that e may be the appropriate person to be spend for those people who are  in the position to elect him for  the  post. When heget to the post they believe he will not be able to spend the way he ought to spend. More also, if teachers needs some essentials materials and there is no money on him. The only way one can get what one need is to buy on credit when nobody is ready to give freely. In such a situation no sellers is ready and willing to sell on credit to any teacher while their counterpart in the civil service can easily buy on credit irrespective of the amount. Furthermore, their standards of living is very low, many  of  the  teachers are living in poverty, some of them are living  in one room apartment, which ought not to be so in some families where the husband and wives are teacher to afford three  square meals when their salaries are not forth coming is a problem not to talk of purchasing cloth and other house  equipments scarcely can you find teacher with  modern electronic gadget such as video C.D television set and soon, some families where husband and wives are also  teachers but during  nonpayment of their salaries their consumption and expenditure were not affected. Therefore, the researcher wants to investigate means or mode of survival in a distressed economy among those teachers.
1.2 Statement of problem
It is commonly says that a hungry man is an angry man, this means  if somebody  is not feeding well, such person cannot give or offer  the best of ones ability. In Nigeria we witnessed a lot of teacher strike due to non payment of their entitlement. Whereas during the period that the government did not pay their salaries or entitlement, the teacher have to survive in one way or the other based on this problem the researcher want to observe the mode of survival by teachers in a distressed  economy   of Ekiti  south local government area.
1.3 Purpose of the study
The purpose of the study was to identify the various modes by which teachers survive economically when salaries were not paid by the government  the study also intended to find out whether  there would be any differences in the modes  adopted  by male and female teacher, secondary and primary school teachers married and unmarried teachers during distressed economy
1.4 Research Question
What are the various modes of survival adopted by the teachers, during stressed economy, is there any different in the mode of survival adopted  by th married and unmarried teachers?
1.5  Significance of the study
This research work will educate teachers in particular and civil servant in general on how to survive during the distressed economy. It is believed that this research will be capable of putting across adequate information to the teacher on how to make use of their available time economically to yield desirable income rather than using such valuable period on unproductive activities. It is also believed that this research would enlighten the teachers  on how to manage  their available  resources  to attain desirable standard of living.
1.6 Scope of study
This research was determined to delimited to teachers  in Ekiti south local government area
1.7 Definition of term
Distress this simply means unaffordable condition
Distressed  economy:  this means a condition which one cannot afford the necessity  of life

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