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Statement of problem

Purpose of study

Research question

Research hypothesis

Significance of the study

Delimitation or scope of the study


Literature review


Research methodology

Research design


Sampling procedure

Instrument for date collection

Validation of the instrument

Method of date collection


Data analysis, results and discussions


Summary, conclusion and recommendation







The study dealt with the evaluation of instructional facilities for the effective teaching of introductory technology in secondary schools in Ado Local Government of Ekiti State. The study was conducted to identify and determine the efficiency and relevance availability of instructional facilities in the teaching of introductory technology in our secondary schools. After a questionnaire was administered to the selected schools, the study revealed that introductory technology subject is not been taught with relevant instructional facilities in secondary schools, and this due to the inadequacy of such facilities. Thus, the study recommends that governments should employ competent teachers and also provide teaching facilities for the schools that offers the subject. Statement of the problem has been observed that students in the Junior secondary schools performed poorly in basic technology subjects. Research design is a descriptive survey as it attempts to evaluate the instruction facilities for the effective teaching of introductory technology in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti state secondary schools. Sampling procedure, out of thirteen secondary schools in Ado Ekiti local government, six schools were randomly selected from this study. The population for this study comprises of the principals, Basic technology teachers and students of Basic / Introductory technology schools in Ado Local Government area of Ekiti State.



Background to the Study

Basic technology is an introducing aspect or preliminary stage of entering into the full study of technology.

Ogunlade (1992) explained that technical education is a means through which technology can be achieved.

Utor (1994) also stressed that technical education is essentially vocational education. It is intended like vocational education to provide skills and manpower for industries other engineering and social services in the society. The nature of National Policy on education (1981) require certain competencies so as to achieve the national aims and objectives to which the philosophy is linked this include the inculcation of the right type of values and attitude for the survival of the individual and the Nigerian society. The acquisitation of appropriate skills, abilities and competences both mental and physical equipment for the individuals to live in and contribute to the development of this society.

Moreover, instructional facility means real property, an improvement to real property or necessary or a necessary fixture of an improvement to real property that is used predominantly for teaching the curriculum required under section.

Oxford dictionary also stressed that instructional facility is the means of teaching people practically or theoretically for them to know exactly what you teaching them.

Evaluation according to William and Trochim (2006), is a methodology area that is closely related to, but distinguishable from more traditional social research. Evaluation utilizes many of the same methodologies used in traditional social research, but because evaluation takes place within a political and organizational context, it requires group skills, management ability, political dexterity, sensitivity to multiple stakeholders and other skill that social research in general does not rely on as much.

Evaluation also means the systematic assessment of the worth or merit of some object and the systematic acquisition and assessment of information to provide useful feedback about some object. As a result of this definitions, I can just agree that evaluation is a systematic endeavor and use the deliberately ambiguous term ‘object’ which could refer to a program, policy, technology, person, need, activity, and so on. The latter definition emphasizes acquiring and assessing information rather than assessing worth or merit because all evaluation work involves collecting and sifting through data, making judgments about the validity of the information and of inferences we derive from it, whether or  not an assessment of worth or merit results.

Statement of the Problem

It has been observed that students in the Junior secondary schools performed poorly in basic technology subjects at the junior secondary certificate examination, the needs therefore arises to examine the causes of this poor performance of students towards basic technology subject.

Agusioibo (1989) affirmed that those competent to instruct in any field of vocational education are the masters of the craft who had acquired the equipment habit by going through the mill and for the fast they are not technically oriented teachers, they will be dodging some important interesting topics in the subject but to them are very difficult because they have no knowledge and experience of such topics

Ukije (1980) also said, many teachers do not prepare their topic very well before delivering them so, the condition in which the teachers are discharging their teaching obligations is not encouraging and this has led many teachers to loose interest in the job any longer through they are still surfacing in the profession but with laxity.

Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of this study is to determine the relevance of instructional facilities for the effective teaching of introductory in our secondary school system.

To identify the impact of teachers’ competence and utilization of the facilities in teaching of basic technology subject.

To determine the effort of the teacher in manipulating his or her environment to make his teaching effective. And to know the influence of instructional facilities on the teaching of basic technology in our secondary schools.

Research Question

  1. How sufficiently available are the relevant instructional facilities for teaching of introductory technology in our secondary schools in Ado Ekiti?
  2. Is introductory technology being taught theoretically?
  3. Did those instructional facilities promote the effective teaching of introductory technology?

Research Hypothesis

  1. There is no significance defference in the performance of students towards teaching of basic technology on practical oriented subject.
  2. There is no significance different in the knowledge gained by the students in basic technology towards availabilities of relevance instructional facilities
  3. There will be no significance in students attitude towards the use of instructional facilities in teaching of basic technology and their performances in it.

Significance of the Study

  1. The study will assist the technical teachers for effective teaching of basic technology subject
  2. The study will serve as source of motivation for students in learning much of the practical skills which are relevant to their needs and those of the society in view of the students awareness of the materials resource that are available to them.
  3. the study will provide information to policy makers to see the needed to provide necessary facilities that can promote effective teaching and learning of introductory technology

Delimitation or Scope of the Study

The researcher made use of all the secondary schools in Ado Ekiti but due to time factor and cost; the researcher is therefore limited to junior secondary Schools (J.S.S.) in some selected schools. However, the problems mentioned in the study are similar throughout the junior secondary schools in Ado Ekiti.           


Operational Definition of Terms

The following definition are presented for better understanding of the terms frequently used in the study.

Basic or Introductory Technology:- The introduction of technical subjects to the secondary schools students. The subject is taught to give students the basic. Knowledge of technical education

Competence:- Possessing the required knowledge, skill and ability to perform adequately.

Curriculum:- A vehicle through which the school strives towards the achievement of education and be of relevance nations, state, local government or even the community.

Equipment:- This are technical implements used by the engineers, technical and craftsman to carry out their day-to-day activities for the services of men.




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