This project to show An Evaluation of the use of English tenses by secondary school students. The study seeks to offer solutions to students  poor performance in English Language at their certificate year.
The bane of students poor performance is the failure  on the part of students to use English tenses appropriately  and aptly in essay writing and in all other responses.
          The project offers WHEN to use a particular English tenses and how to construct such tenses on the right context and which essay question calls for a particular tenses.
This plan will help students to manipulate tenses so as to be able to attain excellences in the use of English language for the ultimate aim of communication. The instrument used include a simple narrative essay question administered on SS 2 students. The  results indicate that students have not effectively use of English language tenses. A questionnaire was used in collecting teachers responses, its data revealed that teachers in most cases do not teach when  to use a particular English Tenses.

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I                  INTRODUCTION                                              
Background of the study                                          
Statement of the problem                                   
Purpose of the study                                                 
Significant of the study                                      
Delimitation of the study                                             
Research Question                                            
III                METHODOLOGY
Research Method                                               
Research Instrument                                          
Area of the study                                               
Population of the study                                               
Sample for the study                                      
Instrument for data collection                            
Validation of the instrument                                  
Reliability of the instrument                                 
Method of data analysis                                                
Data Analysis                                                     
Discussion of result                                             
Implication of the study                                          
Suggestion for further studies                            
Background of the study
          English language, our colonial heritage is not a foreign language in Nigeria. It is the language of government, the language of education, the language which connects various ethnic groups in Nigeria together.
It is a child’s second or first language in Nigeria. A child who, speaks his mother tongue first before acquiring English language, English is that child’s second language. Also, in a family where English language is spoken freely, a child speaks English language first before acquiring any other language, therefore, English is that child’s first language.
The yardstick with which an average Nigerian English language. When you hear people say, the standard of education has fallen in Nigeria, they means school graduates are no longer able to speak English language flawlessly
Is it not annoying to hear a university graduate say my mother has went out? Or, “I did not saw them they come”, or, “I have not see my wallet?
There was an occasion when the chief speaker says, “they all know that they cannot do it, without the slightest compunction that he had dropped a clangour in such occasion.
The examples I have given are but a tip of icegerg. The mistakes in such expression arise from incorrect use of tenses
This project seeks to show how an evaluation of the use of English Tenses by secondary school students.
          A long neglects of teaching of when to use a particular tense and how to construct the tense at primary and secondary school levels have dismal effect in attaining excellence in attaining excellence in English language b school graduates at all levels of education.
Most secondary school English language texts merely present English tenses and their aspects without showing when to use or construct it which result into incorrect use of tenses, which is the bane of attaining excellence in English Language.
          The subjective of this project is to offer how tenses can be used by secondary school students so as to be able to speak and write English language without making mistakes which arise from wrong use of tenses.    
Statement of the Problem  
             The students’ lack of mastery of tenses has led to their poor use of English. The study intends to show that unless tenses are properly taught by the teacher and effectively mastered by students they will not be able to communicate effectively in English language.
Purpose of the study
          This project intends to show how tenses can be an evaluation of the use of English Tenses by Secondary School Students, using government Girls College Akure Ondo State. Akure as a case study. The study is carried out for the following the study is carried out for the following purposes.
  1. The study will offer easy approach to the sue of tenses
  2. To make English Language easy to learn, to be understood and spoken by students
  3. The study will minimize the number of failure registered annually in public examination like N.E.C.O, W.A.E.C and NABTEB in English Language
  4. To enable students recognize which tense or tenses suit a particular essay writing
  5. To enable students to understand when to use a particular tense and how to construct the tense.
Significance of the study    
          This study is important in many respects one, what is learnt from the study will be of immense value to the researcher who may like to investigate the teaching of English Language in general and English tenses in particular.
This study will also make the English language teachers to be aware of how tenses could be mastered by students learning English as a second language.
The study will enable students to use English language and to attain  proficiency in the language.
Delimitation of the study
             This study is limited to government Girls college secondary school, Akure, in Akure local government area of ondo state. The senior secondary class two of the school were taught tenses in the effective way and tested to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching if it has helped to remove or reduce mistakes which arise from wrong use of tenses
Research Questions
  1. How adequate are English language textbooks for secondary school in teaching English tenses?
  2. Do English language teachers of secondary school supplement what English textbooks offer in tenses?
  3. Are English language teachers at secondary schools aware of the inadequate information on tenses offered in English language textbooks for secondary school?
  4. Are English language teachers at secondary schools aware that students common mistakes in essay writing are largely on the wrong use of tenses?
  1. Understanding when to use a particular tenses and how to construct it helps to write good English expression and speak English language correctly.
  2. The effective teaching of English tenses beyond what English textbooks for secondary schools offer enhances student’s effective mastery of English tenses
It is  assume that effort is made in correcting some of these mistakes, the level of language interference in both Yoruba and  English has been discussed as affect the English usage of the students.
It will be observed  that the student will  lack the understanding of the basic facts about  English language tenses. Most of them cannot distinguish spoken from written expressions.

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