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1.1             Background of the Study                                             
1.2             Statement of the problem                                                        
1.3             Purpose of the study                                                     
1.4             Significance of the study                                               
1.5             Delimitation of the study                                              
1.6             Research Questions                                                                 
1.7             Hypotheses                                                                    
1.8             Assumptions of the study.                                                            
2.1     Introduction                                                                   
2.2     Physical Resources and Academic Performance               
2.3     Financial Resources and Academic Performance             
2.4     Human Resources and Academic Performance                          
2.5     Learning techniques and Academic Performance             
2.6     Types of Quality of the school                                        
2.7     Factors that affect students’ achievement                       
2.8     Importance of English Language to students’ achievement      
2.9     School factors on students’ achievement.                        
2.10   Summary of Literature Review.                                                
3.1     Introduction                                                                     
3.2     Research Design                                                                 
3.3     Area of study                                                                 
3.4     Population of the study                                                  
3.5     Sample of the study                                                              
3.6     Instrument for Data Collection                                     
3.7     Validation of Instrument                                                
3.8     Reliability of the instrument                                           
3.9     Administration of the Instrument/Data Collection          
3.10   Method of Data Analysis                                                
4.1     Data Analysis                                                                 
4.1     Discussion of the findings                                                         40                                  

5.1     Summary                                                                         
5.2     Conclusion                                                                     
5.3     Implications of the study                                                    
5.4     Recommendations                                                                
5.5     Limitations of the study                                                   
5.6     Suggestions for further Research                                             

Table 1:      Total number of questionnaire, those returned and unreturned.
Table 2:      Shows the qualification of teachers who responded.
Table 3:      Shows the teaching experience of teachers who responded.
Table 4:      Analysis of Questionnaires.

This research work is to examine the influence of school factors on students’ achievement in English Language. This in essence will investigate on how school factors influence students’ achievement in English Language in selected senior secondary schools in Ikere Local Area of Ekiti State. The questionnaires were administered to ten schools (10) senior secondary schools selected from Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The statistical and analytical techniques used were used to calculate the total response of the teachers and students in selected senior secondary schools. This research work confirms that school factors affect the students’ achievement positively and negatively in English Language as a subject in the selected schools. In conclusion the research also suggested the appropriate recommendation, which could help, teachers and students in intelligent and objective prediction of influence of school factors on senior secondary school certificate level.    

Background to the Study
          Education is an element in stimulation of social economic development as advanced by several government policy documents and various scholars (ROK, 2007; World Bank; 2005; Selina 2012). According to Todaro (2004) a country which is unable to invest in education to develop knowledge and skills of her people and utilize then effectively in national economy will be unable to develop anything else. (Hallack, 2001) states that education has been identified worldwide as an important component that determines character and social economic development of any nation.
          Development countries like United State of America and Japan have a large pool of highly skilled human resources. This has enabled them to not only exploit local natural resources but also to identify and negotiate for other countries resources. Secondary school education is fundamental ingredient for creating more important than increased capital in accounting for worker productively and US economic growth (Smith, 2009).
          Provision of good quality education evaluated based on examination given and attainment of students in such examinations. Examinations have been accepted by educationalists and other stakeholders as an important aspect of any education system (Mbatia, 2004). The important placed on examination has been stakeholders come up with strategies aimed at improving student’s performance in examinations (Juma, 2011).
Availability of Physical resources in a school will greatly influence the retention power of the school. Thomas and Martin (1996) argue, “those who work in school as teachers and associates staff, school premises, furniture, books and premises provide some of the means by which we transform our hopes and aspirations for children’s education into daily learning opportunities.”
The Government of Nigeria is committed to improving academic performance and fulfillment of her goals as articulated in her Education Sector Support programme (ROK, 2005). The government has on one hand established the National Examination Council (NECO) to enhance quality deliverance of the curriculum while on the other hand, parents are required to provide relevant infrastructure and facilities. Though secondary schools within Ikere local government area have same catchment area for students, they record varied results in national examination poor supply of these resources leads to low quality attainments as reflected through examination results. This study seeks to find out impact of school factor; physical resources; human resources and financial resources in students academic achievement in secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State.
          The performance of education is evaluated and required adequate physical facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, human resources in schools. This makes financial resources to be a key resources in education provision (Mbatia, 2004).
          (Wamakuru, 2006) asserts that the number of students exceeded the available human and physical facilities in the 18,000 public schools. The teacher-student ratio increased from the recommendation 1:40 students per-class to between 1:60 and studies done on the impact of school environment and students’ academic attainment attest to the fact that there is significant relationship between school factors and students’ performance (Mayama, 2012; Lumuli, 2009). Several researchers have identified factors that contribute to quality of education in schools. These factors are classified under; school factors and non -school factors that are external-not within school control. For instance factors such as instructional management and teacher training have been cited as school factors (Digolo, 2003; Eshiwani, 2007). This study seeks to find out the achievement of school factors; physical resources, human resources, and financial resources on students academic achievement in secondary school in Ikere Local Government Area of Akiti State.

Statement of the Problem
          The desire to provide quality education for all children was one of the major objectives of the struggle for independence. As such, the government of Nigeria is currently implementing measures to improve the quality of education in secondary schools. Despite government measures like teacher salary increase to boost performance, performance in some senior secondary schools in Ikere local government has been persistently low. With persistent low academic performance in the local government, there is need to investigate why academic performance has remained low. This study therefore purpose to find out how school factors have contributed to students’ achievement in English Language as evidenced by students result.

Purpose of the Study
          The purpose of the study was to established school factors influencing achievement of selected senior secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. However, the purpose of the study is to find out.
1.       The influence of human resources on students’ achievement in English Language.
2.       The financial resources’ influence on the students’ achievement in English Language.
3.       The extent to which physical resources influence students’ achievement in English Language
4.       The influence of learning techniques on students’ achievement.    

Significance of the Study
          The study may be useful to the stakeholders in ministry of Education and policy makers to establish areas that have knowledge and skill gap. It will help the policy maker in human resources planning, allocation and disbursement of funds to public secondary schools in the country.
          The findings of the study may assists in providing data and information for proper planning and decision at the ministry of Education, leadership and Non Government Organization (NAOS). Researchers will apply the recommendation of this study in adding new knowledge in the area of study.

Delimitation of the Study
The study focused on senior secondary schools in Ikere Local Government. Under normal circumstances the study would have carried out in the entire republic. The researcher appreciated that student’s achievement is an outcome of a complex combination of very many factors. However, this study was restricted to the influence of human, physical and school infrastructure on students’ achievement.

Research Questions
The study was guided on the following Questions:
1.       What is the influence of human resources in students’ achievement in English Language in secondary schools?
2.       How do financial resources influence the students’ achievement in secondary schools?
3.       To what extent do physical resources influence students’ achievement in secondary schools?
4.       How do learning techniques influence the students’ achievement in senior secondary school?
Ho1:  There is no significant difference between human resources and students’ achievement in English Language in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Ho2:  Social factors have no significant joint effect on students’ achievement in English Language in public senior secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of EKiti State, Nigeria.
Ho3:  Social factor have no significant relative contribution to students’ achievement in English Language in public senior secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Assumptions for the Study
i.        Physical human and financial resources influence students’ achievement in senior secondary schools in Ikere local government area of Ekiti State.
ii.       Secondary schools in Ikere local government area of EKiti State are faced with challenges in their endeavor to promote the students’ achievement in English Language.


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