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    • Definition of terms –       –       –       –       –       –       -7



2.1 Introduction      –       –       –       –       –       –       –       -9

2.2  Review of current literature    –       –       –       –       -10

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3.8 method of data analysis   –       –       –       –       –       -30



4.1 Presentation and interpretation of data  –       –       -31

4.2 Findings    –       –       –       –       –       –       –       –       -41

4.3 Discussion of findings       –       –       –       –       –       -42



5.1 Summary of findings        –       –       –       –       –       -44

5.2 Conclusion        –       –       –       –       –       –       –       -45

5.3 Recommendation      –       –       –       –       –       –       -46

5.4 Limitation of the study     –       –       –       –       –       -47

5.5 Suggestion for further research       –       –       –       -48

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The write is motivated into researching in the topic “ The Assessment of the influence of co-operate image on marketing a manufacturers brand name” products is carried out in Onitsha Anambra State with particular attentions to Denco Foam ltd in the process of conducting the research. The main aim of this research work is to find out the roles and benefits derived in engaging into co-operate image of a company. The researcher was of the view that good corporate  image will appear in the good book of consumer and also firms can establish corporate image through public relations. The project is structured  into five chapter one takes an introductory look at the influence of corporate image stating the problems, the purpose and the research questions, while chapter two conduct a review of relevant literature on the topic, chapter three explains the various methods used in this research work, chapter four deals with analysis of data, while chapter five deals with summary of the findings recommendations , conclusion, limitations of the study, suggestion for further research. In conclusion, the research is strongly of the view that if well planned corporate image activities were used, definitely it will influence the consumer’s behavior and also create mutual relationship between the company and consumer of the products.





Companies or corporate bodies have legal existence. They are separated by legal entities and so, they are different from the owners. The owners have their own individual and is different from another individual and so do companies do to another even though they fall under the same industry, producing the same of similar products.

The image of a company is the way the company appears in the eyes of the public. How the public does lost at   is the company a good one or bad one, how about the product the offer, do they contribute to the development of the community? Business organizations have been trying to build a positive image in the mind of the audience because this book of the public and such a firm is likely to enjoy their patronage.


Denco Foam limited Onitsha Anambra state is a company that manufactures foam, pillow, curtain and other indoor materials. The company is located at Nkpor Onitsha in Anambra State. It started its existence in 1985 as a one-man business. The owner Chief Godwin  Okafor in need of fund for expansion accepted to run the business as a private company after receiving money from friends and relations in 1983. The company got registered in 1990 and since then they had been enjoying limited competition from vita foam, the only competition at that time.

The number of employees around 1985 were about 16(sixteen) but immediately after the expansion programme of 1990, the number increase to thirty-five (35). Presently the company has more than one hundred and seventy (170) employees across the state. Denco foam has distributed out more than six town and states namely; Enugu, Aba, Obosi, Nnobi, Nnewi and Imo State. Apart from foam, the company also produce pillow curtains, bedspread and towel. They also have customers in Aba, Enugu and Imo state. They obtain their Raw material locally, especially from Northern State where cotton is produced at cheaper rate .At Present the company starts to face stiff competition from other manufacturing similar product. Among them are ; Mouka foam, Apaco foam, Marta foam, and vita foam.


This is as a result of their increase in number. It appears that company is not equally communicating with their public effectively, this may be responsible for their loss of market share.

Companies have not been able to create public relation department that would have helped them to create good image for them. Huge amount of money to run a separate public relation department had also prevented the firm from creating their own, the inability of the company to employ qualified public relation department . Finally, the company inability to satisfied their employees means that employees are not comfortable with working with them so they will not have good things to tell the public about the company.


  • share Loss of market
  • Competitive activities
  • P00r marketing communication
  • Inability to create a public relation department
  • Huge cost of running a public relation department
  • Inability of contribution to community development

The purpose of research work as follows

1.)  To determine the activities of competition actually

Affecting Denco foam

2.) To find out if the company is losing market share.

3.)  To determine the effective of the firm marking communication strategy

4.)   To find out if the firm can create a separate public relation department.




The research work is important for several reasons that. The end of the study in the information obtained will be used by management of Denco form, in taking decision about their image making marketing practioners, in other Firm in planning their communication strategies students who are carrying out research in similar topic


The researcher had prepared some questions that will guide him in the conduct of this research.

  1. To what extent do the activities of competitions actually affect Denco Foam Ltd?
  2. How effectively is the firm marketing communication?
  3. It expensive to run public relations department?
  4. Does the firm motivate their workers



The research is meant to cover Onitsha Anambra State with particular attention to Denco Foam Limited.


Company: Business organization makes money by producing or selling goods or services.

Competition: A situation in which people or organization competes with each other.

Employer: A person or company that pay people to work for them.

Customer: A person buying goods and services from shop.

Proprietors: The owner of a business

Predicament: A difficult situation

Retrench: Reduce cost or spending

Shareholder: An owner of share in a company or business organization

Distributors: The act of moving goods one state to another
















This chapter will be used by the researcher to visit the work done by authors in marketing and related discipline

Several authors have written on this topic “Corporate image” each had submitted his or her own observation based on his perspective.

There are several author with different views on topic some emphasis on the meaning, other on the function or uses and yet others note on how corporate image can be created or used by firms. Information on literature review is indispensable in such a study. This is so because it gives the researcher guideline and insight on what the topic is all about. It helps to widen the knowledge of the researcher in the topic under the study. Corporate image is very broad as a topic and reviewing the works of other experienced writer on the topic will make research work easier for the researcher.


According to Softness, he defined corporate image as the way the public sees the organization, he noted that the image of an organization is capable of influencing the customers behavior, since nobody would like to deal with organization he or she does not trust.

On these part Kincaid (Noted) that when an organization has good image, they will appear in the good book of consumer. Speaking on corporate image Ugonweji noted that firms can establish corporate image through public relations. He argued that public relations is like a medicine which is both curative and preventive, as curative he continued public relation remedies ill-will some segment of their market or public feels towards the firm, as preventive public relation fore-stalls ill-will, all with the objective of improving the image and reputation of the organization. This emphasize is good public relation which he sees as a two way process that help the organization build good corporate image. This is because public relations is concerned primarily with people outside but not entirely, he concluded in the words of Tatt (1984) corporate image can be divided into two: Good corporate and bad corporate image to have a good corporate image it implies that the public is in love with the firm. But bad corporate image according to him shows that there is no sign of any good feeling from the public towards the firm or organization. The agreed that organization can build good corporate image just like individual can build their own good individual image.

Taff, finally concluded by adding that firms must always thinks about the public first in any decision making process. If not negative reactions are to be expected from the public.

Udeagha (1999) agree with the above ascertain when he noted that every organization has an image just the same way individual do. He observed further that the image of the organization is the way the organization appears in the eye of the public. According to him, a firm image may be good or bad but it depends on the way they are being perceived by the public. He concluded by noting that the image of the image of the firm plays a major role in buying decision of the target market.

In the opinion of Awah (2002) marketing activities does not end with producing a good product, pricing it, of the company including their image and regulations, for this according to him further motivate the public in accepting the firm and its products.

Every individual firm, group and families has image. Okafor (1984) the image may depend on how the public view such person or firm function on how the person or firm is being viewed by the public. It is on this note that.

Adirika (1997) observed that a firm with a  good image has a good assets for it among the motivating force which the public rely on decision making.

Every organization has a public (Kolter 1984) the public accordance to him is any person or group of person that has actually or potential interest or impact an organization ability to achieve its objective. These public, Kotler noted can be internal or general in nature but the organization should ensure they position themselves in a way that they can be seen as belay trust-worthy by the public, to achieve this objective Kolter opinioned that the organization should ensure the position themselves in a way that they seen a belay must strategically build a good image which will always attract the public interest and attention to establish an enduring corporate image.

Hambrick (1984) noted that public relations officers should lead themselves to community fund raising handle customer complain, charity and also offer professional advice to company manager. He argued that for organization to maintain good relationship with everyone whom it affects. It must sub-divide. It general public into smaller unit so that appropriate public relations programes should be applied to each of the units. This is because as he observed the expectations and factors that can influence each of the public varies from one unit of the public to another. The importance of good or favourable corporate image cannot be over emphasized.

Kinner (1987) argued that firm use institutional or corporate advertising in building and maintaining good corporate image. This form of advertising according to him helps a firm to tell their stories about a product or service they offer. But the end product may be a sell he agree his opinion that corporate advertising has its primary aim at establishing its favorable attitude in the audience about the firm. This favorable image develop by the public will end up in assisting them to make purchase decisions. Negatively publicity has its adverse effect on a company’s image Kincaid (1985) he noted that this situation is much more prevalent in the media than a positive one. This is because according to him the press occupies a central position in protecting the masses against any detrimental practice of any institution though he submitted that political office holder wishing to marginalize the masses have constantly used the media to achieve their aim. He concluded by using adding that adverse publicit6y could be damaging a firm image even though there is no proof of all effect on consumes or there are ill effect but the firm involved is Innocent of them.



In the  words of Udegha (1999) public relation advertising can also be called cooperate or institutional advertising. This is aimed at selling the cooperate personality of an organization on the assumption that acceptable by the public. This type of advertising that focus on image making informs the public about management policies and designed to suit their interest and need or tries to remove existing misconceptions. About the organization.

A public relations advertising is geared towards changing existing beliefs attitude and opinions of the internal and external public of an organization for good.

Noor (1997) outlined some condition that can make an advertisement to be a public relations, they includes;

  1. It must present a company as a good place to work in.
  2. It must try to off-set unfavorable publicity and negative attitude towards the organization.
  3. It must educate, inform or impress the public on the organization policies, functions ides facilities objectives and standard.


This is making tool that help to  complement the effort of other promotional tools, it reflects a market oriented, public relations and so it can be referred to as a tool of public relations.

Okoye (2001) noted that publicity is a marketing tool that takes the audience off-guard, since it come to them to inform of news, publicity involves seeing editorial space in all media read viewed or heard by a company customer in prospect. This is for a specific purpose of assisting in meeting of sale goods. Publicity message come inform of news talk, news release or editorials and the management to create news worthy even that are capable of attracting the interest and favor of the press. By placing such news, Worthy information on radio, television or newspaper. The firm  is attracting the interest attentions and sympathy of the public to them since makes the public to consider the organization to be a good one.


Some organizations produce product that are attractive and of better quality to the consumers, they sometimes give free product or its sample to the public such free gifts and quality aimed at attracting the attention of the numerous public towards the organizations. Some companies target the organizations, some companies target the stake holders or community heads in the distribution of these free product especially during festive period. All these are attempts to maintain good relationship with the public and that is the foundation of corporate image.


Some firms are small in size and scope that they consider themselves as being not capable of competition with the larger companies. The smaller ones assume that the large companies have already established themselves as the leaders of the industry and so going into competition with them will result to what is called “Majority Fallacy” such assumes always ensure that the firm choose to remain the way they are.


Most companies use their physical environment such as their premises, building, vehicles, tools and equipment such as attracting attentions of the public, clean vehicles and neatness of the employees to work are all the  strategies involve in creating positive image. This is why some companies keep on changing vehicles uniform and kits of their employees just to attract descent comment from the public. The company believed that their image is the way they appear in the estimation of the public and so they try to maintain their  physical environment since tits part  of what the public may consider about the company’s image.


A firm with a bad corporate image is like one with bad character. The bad image ensured that consumers and general public assumes not everything is wrong with them. This feelings by the public could manifest to any of following;

Lack  of Trust by Customers

Once a firm has image that will affect the public and will make the public not to have any trust on such firm, there is virtually anything the firm can do to please the public. This is similar to a person who is not trustworthy the public will find it difficult to believe him.

Loss of Profit

The fact that the firm is losing market share may equally result to loss of sales volume and profit. When such situation continues the company may not last long in the business.

Loss of Market Share

It is because the public have no faith in such a company many of them will withdraw from patronizing them. They will equally discourage their friends and relations from the firm. This shows that the firm’s poor image will cost them massive loss of market to their competition.

Attack and Criticism

There is likely to be criticism from the public against such a company, the public that are likely to criticize such a company is the consumerist, human is the right activities, environmentalist and other government agencies these public are not directly affected by an organization business operation but have a special or vested interest in the affairs of such organization most of these activities and environmentalist are ready to shake their live to achieve a particular course of public interest.


There are some set of publi8c that have actual or potential interest or influence on the firm business dealing. The public are any group that is interested in or affected by the business activities of the firm. They are group of people with direct interest in a company and are able to harm the company in case of inadequate communication.


FINANCIAL PUBLIC: These are the financial communication that can influence the ability of the company to obtain loan or funds. These public includes bank, Investment house, Brokerage firm, Issuance house etc. the firm has to establish goodwill by communicating especially in take-over and new issue or public their annual reports and financial statement in order to attract the interest of the financial public supporting them financially.

MEDIA PUBLIC: These are the public that relies onto any new features and additional opinions about the company. The media public includes newspapers, magazines, radio and televisions stations the media public can turn to a positive neutral and negative force in the company fortunes. This is a way company influence the media by creating newsworthy events and interesting new item that can attract the press. The firm  communication strategy usually aim at cultivati9ng mutually beneficial relationship with the media so as to avoid unfavorable and unwanted media\ coverage.

GOVERNMENT PUBLIC: They are the top  public that formulate the rules and regulations that intervene in marketing decision about price, product feature packaging, promotion etc. the role of government is to act as  watch dog to see that market act according to the society best interest. This is why numerous law are passed that tends to regulate constraint and in many instance actually control with government rules and regulation in other to enjoy the support of government public.

EMPLOYEES PUBLIC: The people working, both manager and other belong to the firm internal public or concern should be the maintenance of good employee relation . there is already an internal communication structure through which the communication with their internal public such constant communities it necessary as it help to bring the employees closer to the management of the firm. Such communication will enable the firm to resolve internal issue like wage and salaries situation. Industrial relations, polities and minority issue.


The research had been able to review the work done by other authors in the area of cooperative image. The views of authors reviewed are not completely different as well them seen to be pointing at one direction which is that corporate image is the way the company  appears in the estimation of  the public, they also noted that good cooperate image is an asset to a firm as it help to maintain various public.

There are several tools in which a company can use in building a good corporate image, some of them are publicity, institutional advertising, position of good product, community development effort and good physical environment.  The public served by a business are numerous, they include employees government media, financial and general public. These are groups that are either directly or indirectly influence the firm marketing programes and so companies put in consideration in formulating their marketing programes













The design of these study is the programme that guide the investigation in the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting observations and defines the domain of generalization in the process of carrying out this work, survey design was considered appropriately for gathering data required for the study since survey design center on people, their beliefs, opinion, attitude and behavior


This research work took place in Onitsha Anambra State, with particular reference to Denco Foam Limited Onitsha





The research work is to cover an estimated total population of one hundred staff (100). The population comprises of the management of the company.


The sample size for this study is twenty percent of the respondents. The reaction for this sample is because a lot of time and money is required to study the entire population. The researcher used the sample random technique to select the sample. This is to ensure that researcher is not based in choosing the respondents that will make up the sample.


The major source from which data for this study were gathered from primary as well as secondary sources. The primary source of data include the use of questionnaire and personal interview with management staff. The secondary source include the establishment of existing records and this involves going into documents records of Denco Foam Ltd.


In order to ascertain that the instrument used for the collection gives the expected result, the researcher made copies of the questionnaire and guideline on what questionnaire are expected to achieve on what the questionnaire are expected to achieve to the supervisor which accordingly determine the validity of the instrument.


The researcher distributed 25 questionnaire to 25 respondents by hand. They were asked to fill it within two days after which the researcher visited and received them but in the process of retrieval, it was noticed that the respondents return their copies the implication is that the researcher now have 22tionnaires.


All of the data collected will be analyzed through the use of simple percentage method. The researcher will use the Yaro-Yamen formular  in testing the hypothesis and formular is

n   =














This chapter presents the relevant data resulting from the application of the mentioned techniques. The subsequent analysis therefore is based on the collection data from the questionnaire distributed to the management og Denco foam and also oral interviews conducted with the manager themselves. The use of simple percentage will help to ensure that any response that receives the highest  percentage will be accepted. At the end, findings made will be summarized in chapter five.


The researcher will use table and figure to present and analyze all data collected from the respondents.




Question 1: Does a competitive activity affect the company?

Table 1: The company and competitive activities response.

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 16 80
No 4 20
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016

Table 1  above show that competitive activities affect the firm. This is obtained from the response given that competitive activities affect the firm.




Question 2

Do you think that the company is losing its market share?

Table 2 the company and its market share

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 18 85
No 2 15
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From table two, the researcher noticed that the firm is losing its marketing share. This observation is the is from the response given by 20 respondents in which 18 people answered yes.




Question 3

How effective are the firm’s strategies?

Table 3

The firm and their communication strategies

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 6 28
No 14 72
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


The table above shows that 72% of the respondent hold the view that the firm communication strategies is not effective.





Question 4

Based on your understanding is it possible for the firm to create a separate public relation department.

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 15 877.5
No 5 22.5
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From the table researcher can be observed that 77.5 percent answered yes. This shows that it is possible for the firm to create a separate public relation department.





Question 5

Is it expensive to run public relations department?

Table 5

The firm cost of running public relation department

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 19 95
No 1 5
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From table 5, almost all the respondents agreed that the cost of running a public department is high.


Question 6

From your own point of view, do you think that the firm contributes to community development?

Table 6

The firm and committee development

Response No of respondent Per6centage %
Yes 6 30
No 14 70
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From table 6, 70% of the respondent agreed that the firm does not contribute to community development.



Question 7

Does the have good image in the eyes of the public?

The firm and their corporate image

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 8 15
No 12 85
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From table 7, it is seen that 85% o of the respondents agreed that the firm does not understand the role of good cooperate image.





Question 8

Does the firm motivate their workers

Table 8

The firm and workers motivation

Response No of response Percentage %
Yes 4 31.5
No 16 68.5
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


From table 8, the researcher noticed that 68.3 of the respondents agreed that firm does not motivate their workers.



Question 9

What do you think that motivate some customers tom buy the firm product?

Table 9

Response No of response Percentage %
Company image 2 5
Price 14 85
Sales people 4 10%
Total 20 100%

Source: Field survey 2016


Information on table (9) shows that customers are motivated to buy the firm product by its prices.




After the analysis of data collected, the findings made by the researcher are the competitive in the industry have effect on Denco Foam limited. This is seen from the response table 1.

Table 2: Show that the company is doing its market share. This is also obtained from the response given by the respondent in the table.

Table 3: the researcher found out that the firm’s communication strategy is not effective.

Table 4: 77.5% of the respondents agreed that it is possible for the firm to create a separate public relation department.

Table 5: shows that opinion of the respondents in wich almost all the respondents (19) agreed that is expensive to run a public relation department.

Table 6: the respondents opinion shows that the firm does not contribute to the community development, this is opinion of 70% of the respondents.

Table 7: 85% of the respondents agree that the firm does not have a good corporate while 12 agreed it has.

Table 8: the respondents (86%) opined that the firm does not understand the role of good cooperate image.

Table 9: shows that the firm does not motivate their workers.


The firm is facing shift competitive from other firm that are more organized. This is responsible for loss of market share of the company. Their poor marketing communication arrangement also seem to be affecting their market and their cooperate image. The firm had not been able to create a separate public relation department. This may be because it is expensive to run couple with the fact that the fimr is not contributing to the community development and may account for the bad image. It has eyes of the public as well as the fact the company do to understand the value of good cooperate image.

The sales volume may increase if they can motivate their workers, contribute to community development which will help to improve their corporate image.












From the analysis, I noticed that there was a good response to the questionnaire. This was possible due to the fact that some of the findings arising from the analysis show that:

Most of the consumer of Denco Foam was actually personally involved in the process of the produce attribute concept in their purchase decision, The research obtained that Denco Foam was chosen based on how and what the consumer perceives about some of the attributes used were price quality and brand, the next aspect they consider was branding.

I also observed from the data collected and analyzed that because Denco Foam Limited does embark on their corporate image, and people does not respond positively to the cooperate image since they could not see it. At this level it is essential to  maintain that through personal interview with some managers, the researcher was able to establish why cooperate image effort have not been defined among Denco Foam Nigeria Limited because they believe that once their product has a good quality, attractive package and competitive price prospective and potential consumers must patronize their displayed product whether they have corporate image or not.


Based on the findings summarized above the researcher can now summarize that:

The activities of competitive  affect  the firm

Denco Foam Limited is losing its market share.

The image of the firm is poor.

The firm does not motivate their workers.

Customers are motivated to buy the price of the firm product.

The firm communication strategy is not effective.


From the conclusion above the researcher recommend the following:

  1. Management should use the swept strategy to overcome competition.
  2. The firm should also modify the communication strategy to make it more appealing to the audience.
  • The company should modify the marketing programme in order to attract more customers.

Management should embrace and appreciate good corporate image for it help to create relationship with the public. Motivation of workers is very necessary for it help increase their efficiency.

The firm should pay attention to other element in the marketing mix other than price.



The researcher work has almost being affected or hindered by the following.

  1. Time constraint.
  2. Financial constrain
  • Distance between the area of study and the researcher place of domicile.
  1. Inability of some respondents to return their questionnaires.


In view of the limited of this research work which relatively affected the coverage of this study, the researcher has the following suggestions  for further studied.

  1. There should be a research on advertising strategies of foam industries.
  2. There is use to conduct a research on the pricing strategies in foam industries.
  • Research should be carried out  on physical distribution in Denco Foam Limited.














Adirika Ernest (1997): principle and process of marketing Enugu, John Jacob Classic Publishers Ltd.

Awah Okorie (2002): Modern Marketing Theory Owerri Cecky Publisher.

Allen Brace (1984): Theory Retailer, Home Wood, USA Richard D.Irwun Inc.

Hambrock Donald (1984) Management Principle and Practice, New York Hamper and Row Inc.

Kotler Philip (1984) Marketing Management, New jersy Practice Inc.

Okeke C.I (1994): Management Enugu, Everland Printing and Publishin Co.




Udeagba Anthony (1997) Principle and Process of Marketing, Enugu Jamoe Enterprise.

Ugonwenyi, Wilson  (1997): Selling, Awka Fountain Publisher (Nig).














Department of Marketing

School of Business Studies

Federal Polytechnic, Oko

Anambra State.

Dear sir,


This project is being undertaken to find out the “Assessment of the Influence of Coperate Image on Marketing of a Manufacturers Brand named Product. (A case Study of Denco Foam Ltd”

I am a final year student of the above department you are kindly requested to answer the question set below to the best of your knowledge.

The questionnaire is mainly for academic purpose. To effect, all information and data supplied will be confidentially treated and used exclusively for the purpose of this research work.

Thanks for your co-operation

Yours faithfully






Instruction: please read the questions below provided and mark “X” at the appropriate space provided that rightly satisfy your opinion and leave any question that you do not understand

  1. Age of the respondents 20 -29 ( ) 30-39 (     ) 40-49 (    ) above 50 (      )
  2. Sex of the respondents Male ( ) Female (      )
  3. Marital status Single ( ) Married (      ) Divorced (       )
  4. Educational qualification First School Leaving Certificate

(    ) WAEC/ NECO (      ) OND (     ) HND/ (     )

  1. Specify other qualifications ( )





Instruction: please tick (1) in the appropriate space unless otherwise state as it affects you.

  1. Does a competitive activity affect the company? Yes ( ) No (    ) I don’t Know (     ) Partially Yes (      )
  2. Do you think that the company is losing its market share? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    ) Partially yes (       )
  3. How effective is the firm making communication?

Yes (       ) No (     ) Dint know (    ) Partially yes (       )

  1. Base on your own understanding is it possible for the firm to create a separate public relations department?

Yes (       ) No (     ) Dint know (    ) Partially yes (       )

  1. Is it expensive to run public relation department?

Yes (       ) No (     ) Dint know (    ) Partially yes (       )

  1. Do you think firms understand the role of cooperate image? Yes ( ) No (     )   Partially yes (       ) I don’t know (     )
  2. Do you use Denco foam? Yes ( ) No (     )

Dont know (    )

  1. Are you aware of Denco Foam? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    )
  2. Does good cooperate image enter into the good book of consumer? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    )
  3. Is the company communication strategy effective?

Yes (       ) No (     ) Dint know (    )

  1. Does the activities of competitors affect the firm? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    )
  2. Does the firm motivate their workers? Yes ( )

No (     ) Dint know (    )

  1. Do you believe that company’s cooperate image efforts have been adequate? Yes (      ) No (     ) Dint know (    )
  2. Does your company spend adequately on cooperate image? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    )
  3. Does successful marketing effort have relationship with corporate image? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    ).
  4. Does good corporate image create much awareness for Denco Foam? Yes ( ) No (     ) Dint know (    )




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