Field Trip to Erinta Water falls at Ipole-Iloro


By definition, a field trip is a trip made by students to learn about something  A field trip can be to places like nature spots e.g. water springs, water falls, rocks and nature trails, zoos, schools, museums, etc.


  • Students have fun traveling and experiencing new places and things
  • Students learn in a hands-on manner different from what obtains in a school environment
  • Students get more exposure to the variety of peoples and customs that exist in the world
  • Students get to know their country better


The Erinta Water falls at Ipole-Iloro is located at about 6km North-West of Ikogosi. It could be reached only through a secondary road from Ikogosi. The road leading to the fall passes through the Ikogosi Tourist Centre. Visit this resort centre and be marvelled at the work of nature. Tourists fell the chilly effect of this fall about 10 metres away. It has three pronounced escarpments. A research recently carried out by an Afro American indicated that the water falls could generate electricity (Hydro-electric power).

This resort centre is naturally endowed with thick and evergreen forest.

Arinta Waterfall in Ekiti State offers exciting time to visitors wishing to savour the grandeur of nature,

Ipole-Iloro Ekiti is a sleepy but fascinating rural community. Surrounding the rural settlement are alluring mountains, thick green forest and flowing rivers. It however seems that the most appealing element, tucked in the community, is Arinta Waterfall.

The waterfall located in Ekiti West Local Government area of Ekiti State has long steep valley, rolling ridges, tall trees and green bushes, striking insects, birds including a mass of water gushing against the rocks. The site provides visitors with refreshing touch of nature.

It also offers tourists beautiful sight and sound. Visitors to the community begin to savour the splendour of the waterfall from the road leading to the fall from Ipole-Iloro.

Tourists to Arinta Waterfall are welcomed by a supervisor who also doubles as the tour guard, Mr.  Francis Adetule. He is always available to guide visitors through some sheds where they can take a rest and eat few metres away from the slope. From the slope, one can see the wonder of nature as fresh water rushes along the rocky channel.  It takes less than four minutes to walk to the foot of Arinta Waterfall.

Adetule said, ‘‘We have more visitors here on weekends especially during festive periods and public holidays. We also have good attendance on week days when students come for excursion.”

According to him, people who visit the place always return because of the exciting things there.

He further said people come to the place from different parts of the country.

“People usually come in large numbers from different parts of the country to the place. We charge N100 per adult while youths pay N50 each. When visitors come, we tell food vendors to bring bush meat for them because they always ask to buy them,’’ he added.

The Arinta Waterfall is 6km North-West of Ikogosi. It is accessible only through a secondary road from the Ikogosi warm spring.  The chilly feel of the fall could be felt about 10 metres away.

A research conducted by an unnamed Afro-American indicated that the water fall could generate electricity (Hydro-electric power). But from all indications, it is glaring that the economic potential of the waterfall has not been fully explored.

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