This study aims at studying women empowerment in Nigeria politics. A case study of Ikere local government. Likewise the assessment will be made on the constrain of women in their level of participation in politics. Moreover, achievement of women and their contributions to the nations building would be well analyzed in this project. The project is divided into five chapters with each logically presented and revealing the desired result from the study in the first chapter would deal with the introduction, the perception of women that they born for subordination to help their husband gain a weaker sex, following this is statement of the problem i.e. the problem these hindrances for women participation in politics e.t.c. next in line is the objective and the scope of the study which is to examine the level of women empowerment a case study of Ikere local government which is based on women. Furthermore, is the method J.M. going to use in collecting my data and definition of terms such as women, empowerment, politics e.t.c. in addition chapter organization and limitation of study will form the other part of the essay. However, chapter two would deal with women empowerment. What is the general view of women empowerment. The level of women empowerment and the reasons for women empowerment. Chapter three shall fetch out an insight into politics, the roles of women in grassroots development in Nigeria. Chapter four will base on the assessment of women political participation in Nigeria politics and the constrain such as poverty, funding, educating biological restriction, religion believe and cultural perception. Notwithstanding the achievement and distribution of women to nation building would be critically discuss. Finally, chapter five will focus on whom empowerment and Nigeria politics in the future i.e. their channel of becoming governor, president, senate president in the future republic not only this, the conclusion, suggestion and recommendation would be made for further research. References of the existing couple with appendix (if any) will be adequately supplied.                                       

Title page                                                                                                       i
Certification                                                                                      ii
Dedication                                                                                                     iii
Table of contents                                                                                        
CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                                                        
1.1       Background of the Study                                                              
1.2       Objectives and Scope of the Study and Sources of Date         
1.3       Definition of Major Concepts                                                        
1.4       Chapter Organization                                                                                
1.5       Definition of Politics
2.1       women empowerment                                                                   
2.2       Level of Women Empowerment in Nigeria Politics      
2.3       Types of Women Empowerment                                      
2.4       Economic Improvement                                                                 
2.5       Reasons for Women Empowerment.
CHAPTER THREE            
3.1       Methodology of Research and Research Procedures 
3.2       Research Designs                                                                          
3.3       Population of Study                                                                                   
3.4       Sample and Sampling Technique                                                           
3.5       Research Instrumentation                                                            
3.6       Method of Administration of Research Instrument                   
3.7       Method of Data Analysis
CHAPTER FOUR                                          
4.1       Achievement and Contribution to Nation Building                  
4.2       The constrain and challenges on women participation on politics.  
5.1       Women Empowerment and Nigeria Politics in the Future      
5.2       Conclusion                                                                                      
5.3       Suggestion                                                                          
5.4       Recommendation                                                                           
1.1 Background of the Study
            In some years ago it was viewed that women were born as servant to their husband and later surrender their honor to those in powers, her husband and her duty to their children respectively.
            In Nigeria today, the effort of women can never be overlooked i.e. since men are able to work women can do as much. Like many other part of the population. A population cursory look at 1991 Nigeria population figure gives the country population eighty-eight million five hundred and fourteen thousand five hundred and one (88,514,501) out of these forty-four million five hundred and forty thousand, three hundred and thirty one (44,544,331) were men and forty three million, nine hundred and sixty nine thousand, nine hundred and seventy (43,969,970) were women.
            Apart of those, women have contributed a lot to Nigeria development especially in political and economic development thereby giving room for equal economic and political growth.
            However, women effort to Nigeria society in Nigeria the federal government and the state government have implemented decision which are designed to effect the full participation of women in development. But this project aims to critically study the importantly of women to grassroots development in Nigeria politics particularly those of Ikere local government.
1.2 Statement of the Problem        
            In these essay attempt would be made critically examine specific issues relating to the levels of women participation which directly or indirectly affect their political development such question are:
I. Is poverty a hindrance for women participation in politics?  
II. Is fear of gender inequality a hindrance to woman in politics? 
III. Can education or religion hindered woman in participating in politics?
1.3 Objective and Scope of the Study 
            Basically the objective of the study is to examine the levels of women involvement in Nigeria politic and grassroots development a case study of Ikere Local Government. These kinds of participation in politics have made women in contributing to the nations building and this from the objective of the study. Reference would be made on women in politics in the future and it shall be a library oriented.
            This is because a lot of that can help to illuminate the issue existing. Therefore, given the nature of the topic the fact gather and collected for the purpose of working this project will be mainly from secondary sourced facts extracted from the work of various writers in textbooks, newspaper, magazine, seminar papers and government publication.
1.4 Definition of Terms             
Women: A women according to oxford Advanced learner Dictionary of current English by Hon. A.A. (1998) defined women as an adult human being, no woman as it is but matured from girl to woman.   
            Chapter twenty (20) dictionary, a woman as a female of the human race, a wife, a mistress the female sex. According to brown and Okedare (1981) defines women as an adults achieve their various self fulfillment needs through organized activities such as information seeking, general understanding, skill acquisition and identification and resolution of person and community problems.
Grassroots: Is the gradual growth of something so that it becomes more advance stronger e.g. a baby’s development in the womb. The development of basic skills such as literary and numeric career development. I could explained further on world development to a new product as tropical ample, that is when talking about new product its means the process of producing of creating something new or more advanced a new product. The development in aviation technology this piece of equipment is an existing new development see also research and development.
            Development can be described as a progressive series of changes in an orderly. Coherent patterns in which the internal physiological changes and the psychological process stimulated by them are integrated in a way which enables the individuals to master further, a new environmental stimulation (Hurlock 1968).
            Anderson’s (1972) definition supports the above as he sees development as not merely a change in physical size of proportions or an increase in the height of individuals but a complex process of integrating many structures and functions.     
New Nation Building: piece of land with new building on a commercial/business/housing development the process of using an area relevant by contemporary political sciences, because it focused on political activity rather than institution. According to him the authoritative allocation of value is the kind of activity one should be interested in. The proposition is that in every society, value are desired. That is people have diverse interests and these must be allocated, or distributed by someone or something.

            This will be divided into four chapters and each having sub-unity with systematic and orderly arrangement of which this study warrants which aims at producing a balanced view.                              The chapter two shall base on methodology of research and research procedures research designs, population of the study, sample and sampling technique, research instrument, method of administration of research and method of data analysis. Chapter four will comprise achievement and contribution to nation building, the constraint and challenges on women participation on politics.
            While chapter five deals with the women empowerment and Nigeria politics in the future, conclusion and recommendation of what has been discussed so far in this study and it would take the form recapitulation of issues addressed.
            Definition of women empowerment only emphasized the recognition of women as individual who should adequately be given equal opportunity right, attention like men counterparts so that they can use their potential for the general benefits of their society and maintained of land especially in Ikere Local Government as a case study to make a profit by building in it.             
            Various attempts have been made by political scientist to give precise definitions of the study but they all defined it according to their theoretical orientation and ideological background. And like many other concepts in concepts in social sciences, politics has no single or universally acceptable definition. There are many often mutually contradictory or irreconcilable definitions of politics.
            According to oxford English Dictionary (1989) defines politics simply as the science and art of government the science dealing with the form, organization and administration of a state, part of one and with the regulating of its relations with other states. Here, the restriction of politics to that of concern mainly with public institutions and state activities of the science of politics often leads to crude and confused analogies with the methods of the natural sciences.
            Another political philosopher, Charles Adrian definition of politics equates it with the organization and operation of governmental institution. This definition refer to the function of the institution that made law, enforce it and settle different group or interest and the interpretation of law. This definition is too narrow and formalistic in that it ignores the potential activities of such non-governmental institutions as political parties, pressure and interest groups and other organization in civil society.
            More appropriately, we shall defines politics as concerning with the activities of te institution of state or government as well as any aspect of the society that overtly or covertly affects the words, politics is about the function of government and behaviour of groups or individual that are likely to affect the cause and conduct of the government as in voting, political party or existing influence in other way on those that responsible for the allocation of value and scare resources in the society.
            Politics is about who gets what when and how it involves the way resolve or the way people organize ourselves to resolve, value conflicts value on the same goals. This was said by Harold D. Laswell (1930).
            David Easton (1960) defines politics as authoritative allocation value in the society; this Estonians definition is considered.                                  


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