Title page                                                                             
Table of Contents                                                                 
1.0 Introduction                                                                                                               
1.1 Background to the study                                                                     
1.2 Statement of the Problems                                                                  
1.3 Objective of the study                                                                         
1.4 Research Question                                                                               
1.5 Hypothesis                                                                                             
1.6 Significance of the study                                                                     
1.7 Scope of the Study                                                                               
1.8 Limitation of the Study                                                                        
1.9 Definition of Terms                                                                              
1.10 Organization of the Chapters                                                                      
2.0 Introduction                                                                                           
2.1 Brief History of Government as Subject in Nigeria                        
2.2 Importance of Government subject in Nigeria                                 
2.3 Review to the study on the Effect of Teacher’s Qualification and
2.4 Socio-Economic Status on Student Performance in Government
2.5 Family Background and Individual Differences                             
2.6 Quality of the Teacher on Performance of Student in Government
2.7 Attitude of teachers on subject performance in Government
3.0 Research methodology                                                                        
3.1 Research Design.                                                                                  
3.2 Area of the study                                                                                  
3.3 Population of the study                                                                                   
3.4 Sample and sampling techniques                                                       
3.5 Research instrument                                                                            
3.6 Validation of the instrument                                                               
3.7 Method of Data Collection                                                                 
3.8 Method of Data Analysis                                                                    
4.0 Data Analysis and Discussion                                                             
4.1 Summary of Student Performance                                                     
4.2 Analysis of the Questionnaire                                                          
4.3 Discussion on the findings                                                                  
5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation.                                 
5.1 Summary                                                                                                
5.2 Conclusion                                                                                            
5.3 Recommendations                                                                               

          This research is to examine the teacher’s qualification and students’ performance in studying government subject. This in essence will investigate on how teacher’s qualification affects the student performance in studying government in ikere Local Government Area. The questionnaire was administered to ten (10) secondary schools selected from ikere local government, Ekiti State. In the course of the research, the statistical and analytical techniques used were simple percentage and tables which were used to calculate the total response of the teachers in the selected secondary schools. Moreover, the research work confirmed the qualification of Government Teachers, how it positively and negatively affects the performance of the students in studying government as a subject in the selected secondary schools in Ikere local Government area. In conclusive, the research also suggested appropriate recommendation, which could help parents teachers and students in intelligent and objective predication of performance of students sat senior secondary school certificate level

1.0                                                         INTRODUCTION
1.1 Background to the study
            The importance of teachers cannot be over stressed. This is because teachers play a member of roles. Specifically, teachers have been referred to by Oyedeji (1998) as an agent of innovation, teachers academic qualification is very important. This is because teacher education is a very complex enterprise. The complexity arise as a result of several factors which include determination of what effective teachers are, teachers are expected to fulfil a variety of roles, some common to all teachers, other uniquely related to certain kinds of environments of students or subject matter. The teachers are recognized as the main pills of our educational system.
            Added to this, is the fact that teacher education involves the training of professionals who will educate students in future.
            The government is one of the subject been study in secondary schools which deals with law, authority and law enforcement in any given society, i.e the group of people who control and make decision for a country, state etc.
            In higher institution, it is called political science under the discipline of arts and social science. Harold (2002) a professor of government and history, gets a bit more specific with his definition. He says that government is “ responsible primarily for making public policy for an entire society”. He also mentions that government is “The steering mechanism of a given society. Government as a subject has become very important because it is a general requisite for all secondary school students in art and social science irrespective of the area of carrier they want to pursuit in future. The performance of students in a particular subject area, as the cases may be could be attributed to a lot of factors. Performance of students in government as a subject may also be attributed to the social- economic background. Student from well to do family are able to purchase necessary textbooks, which facilitate and enhance their performance on a more solid base, the aim of education is to provide knowledge that will integrate individual and move them into more meaningful individual in the society capable of solving their problems. Teachers have been seen as an effective instrument towards achieving this effective teaching.
            Also, educated parent may provide suitable background for their children from such homes will at least, know how to speak languages, which will further enhance their performance in SSCE examination. Many people have wondered what could responsible for students poor performance in government subject at SSCE level, could this be in any way related to the teachers qualification?
            This study was undertaken to throw some light to this question with particular reference to some selected secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area.
            It has been also observed that whenever students fails or performed woefully in the examinations, the public tend to blame the failure on the teachers although not necessarily their qualifications.
1.2 Statement of the Problems
            Teaching and learning of government depends to a large extent on tacher’s own knowledge of the content and ability to adequately deliver the instrument to the students. However a lot of variables may inhibit or hinder effective dissemination of knowledge to the understanding of the context by the students, such variable may be lack of qualified teachers, teacher’s experience, teacher’s qualification, inadequate use of instructional materials among others.
            While the major problem, which the present study sought to determine and solve is to ascertain the extent of the effect of teachers qualification and student’s performance in government as a subject in some selected secondary school in ikere local Government.
1.3 Objective of the study
            The objective of this study is to find the extend of the teacher’s qualifications and student performance in government subject at SSCE level.
This research is to:
i.        Ascertain whether or not there is a relationship between students performance in government subject and teacher’s qualification
ii.     Examine whether teachers qualification determine their performance in government at SSCE level
iii.   Ascertain if there could be other reasons that are more important in explaining student’s performance in government subject
iv.   Examine the various effects of teacher qualification on poor performance in government subject at SSCE level.
v.      Critically examine the possible solution to poor performance in government subject
1.4 Research Question
            The following research questions would be considered in the course of the study. The research therefore aims to provide answers to some questions which are:
i.        What influence does teacher qualification is on the student’s performance in senior secondary school certificate examination (S.S.C.E)
ii.     Are teacher’s qualification to be blame for poor performance or be credited to good performance of students?
iii.   Is there any relationship between teacher’s qualification and students’s performance in government subject at SSCE level.
iv.   What are the causes of poor performance in government as a subject at S.S.C.E level.

1.5 Hypothesis
            Based on the above research questions, the following two hypotheses were formulated.
Ho There is no significant difference in performance of student taught by   National Certificate Education (NCE) and Bachelor of Science Education          (B.Sc Ed) in Government
Ho       There is no significant difference in the performance of students taught      by professional and non-professional teachers in Government among the   senior secondary schools.
1.6 Significance of the study
            This study by its inherent characteristics feature will benefit students, teachers, and parents of secondary schools student immensely. Apart from the point we have talked above, the study is significant in that:
i.        It would reveal the relationship between teacher’s qualification and student performance in senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE)
ii.     It will confirm whether teacher’s qualification determine good performance or poor performance of the student
iii.   It will also suggest appropriate recommendation which will help parents, teachers and students in intelligent and objective predication of performance of student at SSCE level.

1.7 Scope of the Study
            By the virtue of it’s being a correlation study, this research work in a way attempt to offer explanation on the teacher’s qualification and student performance in government at SSCE level. This research work was unable to look into the teacher’s qualification in ikere Local Government. The research work restrict itself to the use of student result in some schools in the Ikere Local Government and the subject teacher’s qualification for statistical analysis to determine the extent and nature of the relationship of the two.
            Also, the data used in this work will be limited to ten schools in Ikere Local Government, the result of their SSCE and qualification of their teachers.
1.8 Limitation of the Study
            There are strands of constrains during the process of the research work. The school teachers and administrators find it very difficult to give out need information. Necessary information was not obtain maybe due to the protection of the school image. Also, it is obvious that fund is behind every good work. There is no sufficient fund to enhance the research work. The little available fund was managed to carry out the study.
1.9 Definition of Terms
            Teachers is a person who provides education for student. The role of teacher often formal and on-going carried out at a school or other place of formal education. Teachers are like a candle which consumes themselves to show the way to others. In the real sense, a teacher is a symbol of learning: a leader of learners and a miracle to education.
            Teachers follow students through each pivotal stages of development. At six to eight hours a day, five days a week, you as a teacher is poised to become one of the most influential people in your student’s life. The Collins English Dictionary complete and unabridged 8th Edition First Published in 2006 defines teacher as  “ a person whose occupation is teaching others” the work of teacher is to impart knowledge into learners. A teacher is not meant to teach alone, but no assess student participation in an educational programme.
            On a more concrete elucidation, good personality must be present in every teachers such as kindness to the students, colleagues, parents and those around him/her. Being a kind teacher helps students feel welcomed, cared for and loved.
            Qualification implies vast meaning but central to it is that, qualification is a formal certification, issued by a relevant approved body, in recognition that a person has achieved learning outcomes or competencies relevant to identified individual, professional, industry or community needs. Indeed, it is the knowledge, aptitudes and skills required to perform the specific task attached to a particular work.
            Qualification is the ability, characteristic or experience that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity. The advanced Learner’s Dictionary 2nd Edition defines qualification as “ an official record showing that you have finished training course or have the necessary skills” to be precise qualifications is the ability, quality or attribute one possess that fits him/her to perform a particular job or task. Qualification is grouped into different levels. Each level corresponds to a particular qualification’s degree of difficulty.
            However, qualification within any one level can cover a huge range of subject and take different amounts of time to complete.
            Student is not just a name given to anybody that learner. A student is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution. In some nations, the English term is Reserved for those who attend University, while a school child under the age of eighteen is called a pupils. In the widest use, student is used for anyone who is learning.
            Government is the system by which a stable or community is control. In the Common Wealth of nations, the word government is also used more narrowly to refer to the collective group of people that exercise executive authority in a state. The online business dictionary defines government as: A group of people that governs a community or unit. It set and administers public and sovereign power through customs, institutions, and laws within a state. The lay man definition says Government is an establishment by the State to manage and run the affairs of the State. Government is not practical is alone but also academicals.
            Government in the Field of academic study could be categorize into two:
i.        Secondary school
ii.     Higher institution
            In secondary school, Government could be study as a subject which is town as government, while in higher institution, it could be study as political science in the Faculty of Art and Social Science.
1.10 Organization of the Chapters
This study will be structured into five (5) chapters as follows.
            Chapter one of the research introduces the study by a brief background, statement of problem, objective of the study and research question. It presents hypothesis significance of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study and also the definition of key terms.
            Chapter two comprises the review of related literature, with brief introduction and brief history of Government subject in Nigeria, the review of the study on the Effect of Teacher’s qualification and Performance shall be examined. Also, the socio-economic status on student performance in government subject, the family background and individual differences and school environment on performance of student in Government studies shall be examined. This chapter also looks into the quality of the teacher on performance of student in government subject and, the attitude of teachers on student performance in Government subject.
            Chapter three explains and concentrate on the research methodology, stating a comprehensive analysis of how the study was conducted. It comprises the location of study, the population of the study, the sample and sampling techniques, the instrument for data collection and validation of the instrument. Also, this chapter talks about the method of data collection and method of data analysis.
            Chapter four focuses on the analysis and the result of data generated. Also hypotheses were tested.
            Chapter five, which is the last chapter presents the summary of findings conclusion and recommendation.


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