This study was carried out mainly to bring out the socio – economic implications of divorce on children academic performances. A case study of Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.
Information were collected through the use of questionnaire which was administered and analyzed with the use of frequency and mean.
The study covered a selected schools of Idanre Local Government Area from which correspondents are from different background and of different view of the research topic. From the analysis of the data collected, it was discover that the marital stability of parent i.e. broken or intact home has a great implication on child academic performances either in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions.
The study revealed that children academic performance depends on many variables but home takes target percentage of all variables. Thus, the research offers different recommendations on how the home can be stabilize and thereafter contribute positively on children academic performances.
Among the recommendation are:
·                    Married couples should try to be tolerant of one another.
·                    Extended families should try as much as possible to abstain from interfere in to couple’s affairs.
·                    The society should try to moderate it demands and its embedded sexual discrimination which is usually against women.
·                    Single parents should try as much as possible to encourage their children and provide opportunity for more interactions for their words by showing care to them.
·                    Government should organize mass campaign on effect of single parent especially when it is through divorce and establish marital counseling.

Title page                                                                              
Table of Contents                                                                   
Background of the study                                                                 
Statement of the problem                                                                
Objective of the study                                                            
Significance of the study                                                                  
Scope of the study                                                                          
Research Question                                                                            
Limitation of the study                                                           

Concepts of Marriage and Divorce                                         
Causes of Divorce                                                                     
Effects of Divorce on Children Development                         
Divorce and Disciplinary level of child                                    
Empirical Review                                                                   
Design of the study                                                       
Population of the study                                                
Data Analysis                                                              

Discussion of Findings                                                           
Implication of the study                                                          

Background of the study
Marriage according to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is a legal relationship between a man and a woman.  A successful marriage that bring about children is what many people are praying to have in society today.
However, the issue of divorce is now a worldwide phenomenon and it always have adverse effects on general well being of any child that falls victim under this situation. Marriage is supposed to bring harmony between husband, wife and children. According to Holy Bible in Genesis chapter 2 vs 24 says, “a man shall leave his fathers house and leave to a woman and they shall no longer be two but one”. When there is separation between the man and the woman it is called divorce. Children who find themselves in such situation often lack parental love, care and attention which are very important factors needed for the children up bringing. In Nigeria, as in most of other countries, of the world a good number of children are brought up by a single parent. Divorce occurs when one of the couples found the other incompatible to live with, that is become bored of managing or persevere under hardship and decides to leave home for other either on mutual agreement or through fighting, or runs away from home without the partner knowing his where about.
Therefore, this constitutes long time deprivation to the child whose total personality development should be supported by both parents. The effects of these separation has a socio –economic implications on the child and society at large. Whatever may be the cause of the divorce it is the child who often pay the price. Many times the child in this problem will feel lonely and loss of self confidence when faced with the slightest difficult in life. Also children living with a single parent household have to content with negative stereotype incessant hatful remarks made by insensitive adults. Also divorce brings about misname in children, juvenile deliguency, bullying, cheating, alcoholism, sex abuse, child abuse, smoking and many other deviant behaviour become the other of the day.
Accordingly, family has effects and influences on the social placement of the offspring in the society since there is usually a tendency for most societies to link people with the affinity ties to their nuclear family. The implication of this is that whatever one becomes in life has a positive correction with one’s family socio – economic status in society.
According to Robert Blested (1964) of all groups that affect the lives of individual in society, none touches the individual so intimately as dies the family from the moment of birth to the moment of death.
Therefore, the type of child rearing practice employed by parents will have an impact on the entire life of the child in general and particular on his or her academic performances. In homes where parents live together the kind of relationship between the mother and the father also affect the academic performances of the child which could be positive or negative. Wiseman (1973), argues that it is the parents attitudes that rather affects the level of the children’s cognitive achievement.
Also the level of educational achievement of parents, the kind intellectual environment, the home provides, the socio – economic status of the parents the types of family the child comes from whether divorce or not, the cardinal position of the child are variables that affects or influence the emotional, cognitive and psychomotor development of the child which also affects academic performances with the view to offer solution to them.
Statement of the Problem
          Generally, it has been observed that the academic performances of children either in primary, secondary and tertiary institution has fallen below expectation. Among the factors that have been found out to be responsible for his trend is broken homes. That is when the child is brought up by one of the two parents the situation has brought its deserve for advanced technology, improve in agriculture, good health service, the school students must have stable and good home to improve success in examination and increase drastically their low academic performance.
Therefore, his study is designed on children academic economic implications of divorce on children academic performance in Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.
Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to examine the socio – economic implications of divorce on children academic performances in Ondo State using Idanre Local Government Area as a case study. This study will offer solution to the problems being encountered by the products of divorce homes.
Specifically the study seek to;
i)                   Identify reasons for divorce among couples in Idanre Local Government Area.
ii)                Examine the effect of divorce on children academic performance.
iii)              Examine the effect of marriage in the society.
iv)              Suggest ways of reducing the incidence of broken homes in our society.
Significance of the Study
It is hoped that his study would reveal to the society the socio – economic implications of divorce on children academic performance. Also such problems that usually cause a lead to broken homes will be detected and know the ways to reduce or curb the menace divorce in our society.
Scope of the Study
This study covered only Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State. By the size and the heterogenetic in terms of population the Local Government Area is good representative of the entire state, that is what affect family life in the Local Government equally in other area of the state.  
Research Question
The following research questions were raised and it is hope that the answers to these questions will be useful in the course of the study.
i)                   What are the courses of divorce?
ii)                Does divorce happen mostly among illiterate or literate?
iii)              What are possible problems that divorce can caused on children?
iv)              In what areas of life can children from broken home be affected, cognitive? Psychomotor? Emotional?
v)                How can divorce affect children academic performance?
Limitation of the Study
This study covers only Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State. As a result of the geographical area of limited time and financial constraints a larger geographical are of Idanre Local Government Area could not be involved in the study.


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