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Table of content Abstract                                             
Background of the Study                                                       
Statement of the Problem                                                       
Purpose of the Study                                                    
Significance of the Study                                                        
Delimitation of the Study                                                       
Research Question                                                                  
Research Hypothesis                                                    
Definition of Terms                                                      
Language as a tool Science                                           
Teacher Qualification                                                    
Learning Attitude towards Chemistry                                     
Instruction Materials                                                    
Research Design                                                           
Area of the Study                                                         
Validation of the Instrument                                         
Reliability of the Instrument                                         
Administration of the Instrument                                 
Method of Data Analysis                                                       

Implication of the Study                                                        

          This research study was carried out to investigate the students, teachers and environmental factors as determinant of achievement in Chemistry. A case study of selected senior secondary school in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The research study attempted to identify the environmental factors as determinant of achievement in Chemistry.
          Twenty (20) teachers were used and data was collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire was analyzed and interpreted using simple percentage. Base on the result of the research, it was revealed that there are a lot of factors facing the teaching and learning process in Chemistry in senior secondary schools.
          On the basis of the findings, it was recommended among others that more qualified chemistry teacher should be employed to teach in senior secondary schools so as to have three or more Chemistry teachers’ preschool depend on the population of the Chemistry students in the school. Also government should support the teaching of Chemistry by giving allowance to Chemistry teachers which will encourage the teachers and the students to offer Chemistry in future and take up Chemistry teaching opportunity for chemistry teachers to learn and have knowledge about new discoveries. Finally, there should be regular evaluation of the students so as to know how well they are doing to improve their study of chemistry; the teacher should give assignment at the end of every topic so as to be assured of how successful the teaching and learning process is.

          Science as a whole embraces many subjects which include mathematics, physics, biology, agriculture, health, science and chemistry (Olagunju, 2001).
          Chemistry is one of the three main branches of pure science, the other two being biology and physics, chemistry deals with composition, properties and uses of matter. It probes into principle governing the change that matter undergoes Duyilemi, (2003).
          Chemistry concentrates on the use of chemicals, minerals resources and other substances around us. The knowledge of chemistry is therefore is indispensable for the development of technological know how and industrial advancement Hazed, (2002).
          For an individual to understand his environment and make maximum use of the available resources, he needs knowledge of chemistry.
          In fact, while other science focus on the biological and physical existence of the creature. Chemistry focuses on the application of the available resource to better our living here on earth.
          Industrial fabrication of all the materials cannot be possible outside the knowledge of chemistry Alarepe, (2001).
          Virtually no substances could be created except through chemistry. In plastics, fiber, fabrications, papers, textile and cloth industries, production of biro and many more are result of the knowledge of chemistry and the chemist Wilkin, (2001).
          In wood industries, paint, photographic materials manufacture through the understanding of the branch of science known as chemistry (Edward 2000).
          In chemistry, pharmacist, doctors, nurses, and others in medicine line can only become such through the knowledge acquired from chemistry (Duyilemi, 2003). Through the knowledge of chemistry, the manufactures of drugs which are so essential to living are only possible. Hence, without chemistry much soul would be impossible to rescue from death (Ukoh, 2001).
          Without science, technological, agricultural, industrial and economical advancement would be impossible to achieve in many society. Therefore, science teaching in schools today is of great importance to students and the society in general if technological advancement is to be experienced (Alarape, 2001).
          For better agricultural output, chemistry cannot be left out. The application of fertilizer on plantation is the outcome of chemical research and for better productivity; chemistry also help in the preservation of the farm produce through the use of suitable chemicals. Without chemistry therefore, effort of many farmers and agricultural would be in vein.
          In the field of transportation without the availability of many machines and engines would be of no value (Morrish, 2005).
          The importance of chemistry and its relevance to other discipline and even life had made the subject the core of science without which all other areas of life and technology many become paralyzed. One would expect then, that teaching and learning of chemistry will arrest the interest of every student.
          The teacher and the government and that every students would be having their highest performances in a subject like this. But the teaching and the learning process of chemistry is not well planned not even monitored by the planners (Eniayeju, 2002).
          Some students perceive chemistry as a very difficult subject among others about having a thorough knowledge of the subject for a better future. Some of the teachers assigned to teach chemistry are not up to the task. The way these kind of people handled the subject make the subject perceive it as being a difficult subject. Some unqualified chemistry teachers may even teach without any instructional materials, so the subject will be abstract, dry and meaningless to student to the extent that the end result will yield no development in the life of both student and the teacher. (Obaiya, 2003).
          The qualify chemistry teacher in another way may be discouraged by the attitude of the students and the lack of instructional and other materials needed to make the lesson practicable and chemistry textbooks especially one whose topic have been simplified and make easier to understand by the students to encourage person reading are not readily available. Therefore, the teaching of chemistry in secondary schools based on the teaching techniques and skills which turn hinder the students to successfully acquire the desire knowledge in chemistry is absent.
          In view of the unfavorable obstacle hindering the acquisition of the knowledge of chemistry, the researcher believed that teaching condition in chemistry could be improved to bring a better improvement and necessary development in life to every individual and the nation in general.
          The research will focus on senior secondary chemistry students in Nigeria upon recognition of schools and teacher factors towards their academic achievements. There is a need to look into previous studies that accounted for factors of motivation as adopted by secondary schools, preliminary lite rapture analysis is a must factors in this research in order to gain desirable insight from chemistry students in Nigeria ideally, research toward academic achievement of teachers and schools has increasingly focused on certain students goals as research has focused on such types of achievement goal, the task goal and ability goal.
          The understanding of teacher and schools academic achievement goal theory, motives influences on students schools related attitude and behaviors to develop antecedent and consequences of teacher and school factors.
          In addition, there is sample need to discuss ways in which learning environment may influenced chemistry students. Thus, encouraged school based motivation can help students achieve academic success, the need to help students develop academic intrinsic motivation, it is importance to define the factors that is predictor of academic achievement by means of teacher and school into variable academic achievement, senior secondary school students in Nigeria. The purpose of research will be to propose and test of teacher and school process model of academic achievement (Bryne, 2004).
          The model posit parent, teacher and school administration support for student’s autonomy positively influences students. Perceived school competence and autonomous as school competence and autonomy affect positively self-determined, school motivation which in turn influence academic achievement. Simpson, (2001). Indeed, describing value responsibility for parents and teacher and on how it is promoted within the school thus, promoting interactions with teachers and peers and from motivational perspective providing students with reward to keep (Olagunju, 2001).
          Then, directed towards integration of intellectual ability, learning style, personality and academic achievement of teacher and school as predictor of academic success of secondary students.    
          The statement of the problem is to investigate the factors that determine the achievement of students in chemistry. This study, therefore is designed to evaluate the teachers and school factors on the performance of senior secondary school in chemistry.
The objective is to investigate the schools, teachers and environmental factors on students’ performance in chemistry.
The study would throw more light into the causal relationships among the student, the teacher and the school environment – related variable under investigation and achievement of students in chemistry. It will assist students in:
1.     It would help students to appreciate chemistry thereby helps arousing their interest in chemistry.
2.     The result of this study can help re-orientate student’s attitude positively in chemistry.
3.     It would improve the study of chemistry perspective.
            The study is delimited to Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State and more especially to the teacher and student and school environment factor as determinant of academic achievement in chemistry in Ikere Local Government Area.
            Five (5) schools were randomly selected and allotted chemistry.
            Another reason for this study was that the time allocated for chemistry project to be submitted was short. There is no time to extend the investigation to outside school for teacher interviewed and parents of the students.
1.     There is no significant different between the academic achievement of students taught by female and male teachers in chemistry.
2.     There is no significant different between the academic achievement of students chemistry in urban and rural areas.
3.     There is no significant different between the academic performance of students taught by qualified and non-qualified teachers in chemistry.
4.     There is no significant different between the academic achievement of students taught by experienced and in-experienced teachers in chemistry
5.     There is no significant difference between the academic achievement of N.C.E and degree student.
EDUCATION: It is the process by which an individual is exposed systematically to his surrounding so as to be able to understand, adapt and manipulate his environment to suit his purpose.
SCIENCE: It is the study of man and matter to bring about meaningful development to the society.
CHEMISTRY: It is the part of science which deals with the study of chemical and their application to life.



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