This essay is principally centered on parents perception of sex education in Akoko Local Government Area of Ondo State. The study was carried out in six major communities of the local government namely, Oka, Ikare, Akungba.
          The research revealed that sex education is very necessary in this modern age in train personal in sex education and family counseling so that the individual in the society would be useful to himself and the society to which he belongs. It also revealed that counseling services should be provided in our schools and the appropriate contents and strategies for delivery the services should be selected.
          Finally, recommendations were made the further studies.

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Title page                                                                              
Table of content Abstract                                                       
Background of the Study                                                                 
Statement of the Problem                                                                 
Purpose of the Study                                                              
Limitation of the Study                                                          
Significance of the Study                                                                
Research Question                                                                           
Assumption of the Study                                                               
The Concept of Sex Education                                                         
Age Grade at which Sex Education is Desirable                    
Agencies of Sex Education                                                     
The Incorporation of Sex Education in The School                                                      Curriculum and its Contents                                                  
What Parents Rejects and Accept as Regard to Sex Education        
Summary of Review                                                               
Research Design                                                                     
Population of the Study                                                         
Administration of the Instrument                                           
The Sampling Procedure                                                                  
The Research Instructions                                                      
Validation of the Instructions                                                 
CHAPTER FOUR: DATA ANALYSIS AND                                              DISCUSSION OF FINDEING
Data Analysis                                                                       
Discussion of the Findings                                                     
Definition of Terms                                                     

Background to the Study
            The issue of sex education particularly in school and society in general has not been given adequate attention in the previous years and this has generated and created and still causing a lot of educational, vocational and personal societal problems among the youths in the school setting and even the nation at large.
            There are many advocates in support of sex education and its being taught in school.
            This research work is not given concern to the people in educational sector alone, but also embrace people from other profession such as the medical practitioner social welfare worker, religious organization, parents, and the mass media.
            These agencies have divergence views as to what sex education is and how it can be introduced, its effect, agencies that should be involved or responsible for its magnification and at the same time look and study what the parent accept or reject in sex education.
            This research work is therefore carried out to know the parent views of sex education, the age grade at which it is desirable for students, the right agencies that should be held responsible for its teaching weather it should be incorporated alone with the school curriculum and what should be the contents of sex Education in the school curriculum.
            The areas where the parent agree or disagree with sex Education. The procedure of organizing sex Education programme in school. The role of Government should also be thoroughly looked into as related to sex education.
Statement of the Problem
            From the background of the study, a part from the simple fact that the student parents community and the government will benefit from the introduction of sex education also brings out the teaching of sex education in the school the teaching of sex education also brings out the fact which placed emphasis one of the major problems going on in the society and had long been looking in the society and had long bring in g it to order.
            Sex education has been problems in the school system in the area of how the students parent the society perceive what it is and how it should perceive what it is and how it should be organized in the formal school system.
            The problem also around what should be the content of sex education in the school curriculum. The problem of personnel who should handle sex education issues. The problem of age grade at which it should be introduced to the student in  either primary junior secondary senior secondary school and tertiary institution.
            The problem of the environment under which sex education should be taught the problem of what should be the role of the school, the religious organization resources persons the home and other in sex Education also the problem center around what the parent agree with reject in sex Education.
            All these are the problems arising in sex Education issue students have for long been looking forward for a subject related to this issue. Some students blamed some of their sexual promiscuity to lack of adequately information as to what sex Education is.
            This research study is therefore being carried out to concentrated on these problems and find the ways of getting the appropriate solution to them.
Purpose of the study
            The main purpose of this research study on sex Education is to educate student as well as the parents, most especially in Akoko Local Government Area of Ondo State on the concept of sex Education is appropriate agencies to handle the programme, the personnel’s it content in the school curriculum and to set out limitations to it teaching.
The Study is Set Out to Achieve the Following Objectives
I.                    To find out opinions of the parents about what they perceive on sex Education.
II.                 To consider the age grade to which sex Education should be taught.
III.               To discuss the agencies that should be responsible for the teaching of sex Education.
IV.              To determine the effects of sex Education in our school
V.                To see how far the parents can encourage the teaching of sex Education in the school the study also embraces the age limit and the level of educational development at which sex education should be introduced  and taught in school. E.g. from primary four to six in primary
The assumption of the study would also focus attention on what agencies to be held responsible for the teaching of sex Education
The study as well centers on the advantages of which could be derived, if sex education teaching is given a place in our society and the school curriculum.
Limitation of the Study
This study on sex education deals with the limit to which sex education could be taught to our young stars, it stressed the age grade and level of educational development by which it could be introduced. That is it should not be too early or too late in order to prevent our children against the risk of early involvement  in sexual intercourse. It also expanciates on the sort of relationship which out gout to exist within our youth so that they would not ruin their life to illicit acts.
The study final grades the age limit at which young stars could be thinking of marriage issue for peaceful and harmonious marital life.

Significance of the Study
This research study is significance because
i.                    It would supply the entire society with the necessary information on how to handle sex Education
ii.                 It would assist in education those parents who find it embarrassing to discuss sex education with their children
iii.               It would help in solving several societal problem arising from lack of sex education among which are doing addition prostitution and unplanned marriage.
Research Questions
            This section of the study centers on the question passed across to the people on the concept of sex education
i.                    What should be the concept of sex education?
ii.                 Should the concept of sex education be incorporated into school curriculum?
iii.               Is sex education necessary nowadays?
iv.               Should the teaching of sex education be limited to a particular age limit or stage of development?
v.                  Should any agency be responsible for the teaching of sex education?
vi.               Are the factors influencing related to the motivation which children received from the education?       

            For the purpose of this research study, the following hypothesis formulated and examined.
i.                    There is no significant reason why sex education should be taught nowadays?
ii.                 There is no significant reason why sex education teaching should be make a necessary in the society nowadays?
iii.               There is no significant reason why certain agencies should be responsible for the teaching of sex education?
Assumption of the Study
            This research study concentrates on what the people (parents/children) perceive about the concept of sex education. The valve which the people attached to the teaching of sex education in our society. It also aims at what effect positive or negative which the teaching will have on the adolescent children


            This section reviews the related literature on parents perception of implication of sex education
             The related literature will center on the following
i.                    The concepts of sex education
ii.                 Age grade at which sex education is desirable
iii.               Agencies that should be responsible for the teaching of sex education in the formal school system
iv.               Incorporation of sex education into the school curriculum
v.                  What should be the contents of sex education in the school curriculum?
vi.               The things the parents accept and reject as regard to sex education
vii.             How the parents can be effectively encouraged to yield to the teaching of sex education in school.
The Concepts of Sex Education
            Evidences exist about the alarming rate of sexual involvement decrease in age of first sexual experience and the existence of different form of sexual immoral   acts such as prostitution, sexual exploitation and rape among Nigeria youths
            In spite of these problems, sex education has not been included in the framework mot only to provide adolescents with valuable knowledge about sex, but also as a means of protecting the risk which are associated with unplanned coital sex such as teenage pregnancies, illegitimacy and other medical and psychological risk Owunanam (1987). The concept of sex education has been particularly in Akoko Local Government Area of  Ondo State. The controversy centered around the meaning of sex education and the argument on weather sex education should be introduced to young boys and girls.
            Why has there be alarming rate of sex education in our society?
To them, sex education is seen as the training in the mechanic of sex. The holders of this views also point out that sex education training will lead experimentation.
            Some schools of thought are neither in support nor agreement with teaching of sex education.
            Count nary to this assumption , the advocates of sex education as psychological social and ethical attitude standard, valves and behavior.
            While Fakunle (1986) see sex education as process of marking as  well as developing a positive and wholesome attitude towards sex, a process the will enable to individual to live a full life, enjoy his or life fully without crises and of the society to which he or she belongs.
With this views Fakunle, he believes that sex education will help the beneficiary to develop positive attitudes rather than  negative attitude toward sex and as we help time to avoid the life crisis and makes a worthy and responsible member of the society, sex education is not mere information on the act of love making. Sex education devolves on all the nuisances of sex based behavior as a parameter of personality. Sex education is the summative discourses of personality development and  socialization (Oyeniran 1989). Oyeniran perceived that sex education should not be regarded as the act of love making alone but that it centers on personality development as Well  as socialization. He sees sex education as being related to the adjustment an individual within the frame work of the society.
            In his view as well, sex education is therefore concerned with the healthy development of personality through informed understanding of  the functions of the body such as education exposes the individual and advantages of sexual control
            Looking at these concepts of sex education, we can see the need for sex education in our formal school system setting.
            These is evidence of a high rate of youth coital sex and pre-marital sexual involvement among Nigeria unto sexual and still resulting in sexual problems such as
i.                    Teenage pregnancies
ii.                  Unplanned marriages
iii.                Crude, abortions with its resultant adverse  effects sexually transmitted disease infertility, high rate of divorce.
iv.                Drug addition
v.                  Juvenile delinquencies and so fort.     
The research carried out by Owuamanam(1987) showed that inadequate sex education information has had to an increasing rate of teenage sexual activities which had been supported by numerous reports, although not scholarly documented of unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortion and abandoning of unwanted babies.
            Ayrinde (1982) pointed out the effects of in-adequate sex education.
i.                    Risk 1
Sexual intercourse, numeral diseases, health problem indulging sterility.

ii.                  Risk 2
Sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancies, abortion infertility and life unhappiness.
iii.                Risk 3
Sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancies, unhappiness risk of mental breakdown
iv.                Risk 4
Sexual intercourse unwanted pregnancies forced married unhappiness in marriage of risk of divorce.
v.                  Risk 5
Sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancies, frequent enjoyment, loss of direction of unhappiness.
            With the above information about sex and its resultant there is a need to give adequate information about sex education.
            Sex education in the formal school system has now become a highly necessary in youths and adolescent Uslander and Weiss (1975) have document a variety of issues including sexual intercourse, pregnancy, birth, abortion, menstrual and masturbation which young people as numerous questions about during formal and informal discussions.
            Studies have shown that adolescents who know little about the risk of becoming pregnant were less, likely to seek contraceptive protection when they involve in sexual intercourse.
            Kantner and Zelnic (1972) Sorenson (1973). At present sex education in an organization among peers and in some cases on encounter with what they read in magazine and shown sexual involvement.
Age Grade at Which Sex Education is Desirable
            It has been advocated by the people of occupation in the society, the age grade at which sex education should be taught to the students.
            Owuanam (1987) pointed out that the pattern and the process which sex education could take in a formal school system raise a numbers of important questions.
            For example, one might like to know who should be taught in term of pupils age class and previous knowledge about sex.
            Spainer (1978) suggested that effective sex education should being as soon as the cloud enters school. Each year, the could should be presented with materials which are appropriate to his or her sex socialization at that time so that they can be comprehended.
            This suggestion of Spainer pre-suppose that at any age, every cloud has some sex knowledge and is capable of acquiring some new experience.
            Sex education should be integrated into subjects like family living, health education, physical education, Home economics.  
Agencies of Sex Education
            There have been controversies on the agencies that should be responsible for the teaching of sex education.
            Ordinarily speaking, there is a tendency to make people believe that the traditions agency for sex education in the home. That parents should teach their children as much about sexual issues as they train their children to adulthood on other issue.
            Over the years however, especial research findings have shown that most parents are not willing, others are not competent in act while a large number of them have no part play in the teaching of sex education.
            Some parent either through ignorance or non-challant attitude
            Bamidele (1986) pointed out the attitude of the society especially parents who regard sex education as immoral most especially mentioning or showing private parts in pictures or films. It is highly forbidden to exhibit such to the youths.
The youths should be given a guided experiment on sex education
            It should be seen obviously here that the parent may not be seriously blamed in as much as that is the way the level of their socialization about sex education and inadequate information about sex  them to loose their head and the first experimentation they tend to reach the slay and consequently abuse sex.
            Mksweeney (1987) came out that “ even youths are too embarrassed to ask even their parents related to sex she went further by saying that some people regard that parents issue related to sex.
            It has come to the thought of many scholars that information should be left for peers to execute or that even when that parent are not willing to delegate such function to the peers, they indirectly force them to give the peer by refusing to teach or be taught that subject matter.

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