This research examined a comparative analysis of trend of academic performance of students in Economics in both public and private senior secondary schools. This research used senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE) school record of result in Economics for the period of 2010-2014 and a teachers questionnaire administered to 10 schools in Ikole local government area of Ekiti-state.
Frequency count, percentage and person product of moment correlation statistics were used for data analysis. The result revealed that private schools are better in academic performance than public secondary schools in the last five years. The research also revealed that, there is difference between the state of educational resources in private and public senior secondary schools. The study recommends that, government should employ more qualified teachers into public schools, to improve the library facilities supply, teaching aids and build more classrooms that is very conducive for teaching and learning economic.     

          The rate at which students are withdraw from the public secondary school to private secondary schools is higher in the opinion that student are performing better academically in the private schools than public schools,  this has lead to the rapid growth and increase in the number of private secondary schools in Ikole local government
          In the 70’s to early 80’s, the numbers of private schools were so small when compared with the number of public school for instance, there was only one private secondary school in Ikole before 1986, within 1986 and 1988, the number was increased to ten. It has been discovered that the products of private schools are better in academic performance than public secondary schools. Also, the result of competition in mathematics and science subjects conduct by the ministry of Education in Ekiti state in October 2001 reflected that the first fifth school are private schools.
          All these development have been a source concern to parents and observers. This is generally so, because people of this local government area are generally attach the great value to education
          Moreover, when pupils are withdraw from public schools, in most cases, they could not be fixed into the same class in the private schools on account of their inability to cope (AAUA Educational magazine NO 19, August). Another thing to note is the area of language. Students in private school are defective in English language speaking and Writing, Ojo (2001), through the teachers make law from time discourage the puplic from speaking vernacular always but the time do not last in our public schools.
          The above fact shad more light or why parent to send their children to private schools than public school despite the relatively high cost. It is also worthing to note that there is no local government or variable town in the state of local government area. It is therefore considered desirable to undertake a study on comparative analysis of the trend of academics performance in Economics  in public and private secondary schools in Ikole local Government to further  ascertain whether the general belief that private secondary schools are better than public secondary school in misplace or not.
          The study takes a look at the trend of academic performance of the students in economics in both the private and public secondary school with a view ascertaining why.
          Teachers in private school are more committed to their teaching work than public schools and some parents often gross check the assignment, class work and notes of their students (children) and anytime that they found inadequate in this normally refers to all the teachers or school headmaster.
          In term of motivation and remuneration, teachers in the private secondary schools are more motivated than the teachers in public secondary schools in terms of regular payment of salary and the result in opposite. The salary of public schools teacher are always delay in which it always leads to frequent strike action and base on it they don’t put their best in  teaching and motivating students to learn in the public secondary schools. Moreover, the qualification and experience and teachers in public schools are not adequate. It is very penitent that most teachers teaching economics are not qualified but some of them are now pursing degree in education and those with (N.C.E) Nigeria certificate in Education have now furthered their education to attain the degree certificate.
          Furthermore, in the area of pupils (teacher ratio the public school pupils, teachers -teacher ratio are inadequate with about 1:60 and moderate and the conducive pupils teachers ratio is 1:60 and the moderate and conducive pupils teacher ratio is 1:40 or less than that, on this note the teachers student relationship will not be effective, learning cannot take place and this reduces the better performance students in public schools when we compare the private school with the public teachers ratio 1:35. The educational facilities in private are more adequate when compare to public schools.
          Nowadays, private equipped with computer, projectors aids, modern teaching aids, but government were unable to produce these kind of teaching aids in public school. For this reason there is a disparity in teaching and leaning in public and private secondary school which brought better performance in private secondary schools than public secondary schools. According to Oso (2000) in his research on the attitude of parents toward the academic performance of their student, he said, it is the duty of the parent to produce writing materials for their children in the public secondary schools since the education in Ekiti-state is free. But in private, the writing materials such as table and chairs are been supplied by the school, his research ascertained that majority of public secondary schools students  lack writing materials, some are complaining of lack of biro, note book, some don’t even have table   and chair, he now appeal to government to supply all these materials to the attached public secondary schools in Ikole local government and the state as a whole. When  I went round some selected public schools in Ikole local government, it is very clear to me that there is no up to date textbooks in the school library. But in the private schools libraries their relevant and up to date textbooks in my research and personal interview to the student, the buying of textbook is a compulsory task and the library materials is supplementary in the private secondary schools. These fact tend to promote better performance of student in private schools.
          The broad objective of this study is compare the trend in academic performance of the student in Economics in public and private secondary schools in Ikole local government Area and identify the factors responsible for the observable trend.  In the high of this, the study set out to specifically:
(i ) Identify the trend of academic performance of senior secondary schools  student in private and public school in the last five years.
ii Identify the factors responsible for the academic performance of student in Economics in public and private secondary schools in the last five years.
iii Identify whether the student in private secondary school perform better than their counterpart in public schools in Economics in the last five year.
iv Identify whether there is any difference between the state of education resources (Audio, Visual) and reading material in private and public senior schools.
Effort would be made to answer the following research questions.
i.                    What is the trend of academic performance of senior secondary schools in private and public school in the last five years?
ii.                 Is there any difference in the observable trend of student academic performance in Economics in the private and public schools in the last five years?
iii.              Do student in private secondary schools perform better than their counterpart in public school in the Economics in the last five years?
iv.              Is there any differences the states educational Resources (Audio visual recording materials) in private and public secondary schools?
v.                 Is there any difference between Economics teacher education or professional qualification and experienced in private and public secondary schools?
          Taking into consideration, the general attitude of the people to wards education and educating their children, there is need for ensuring normality in educational programme, pursuance and achievement in both private and public schools.
          In Ikole where the local government secretariat is sited in particularly, the cogent industry is education. It is necessary that to work towards how quantitative education is given with ease so that student in both   private and public schools achieve the best desire of their heart.
          This work will enlighten the parents in general, to have an open mind toward the education of their children and  of the people in the public schools. They should provide all necessary needs of their children as that of private schools the two will see themselves as equal so as to avoid superiority or inferiority complex from building parent up in parent and student, from private and public secondary schools.
          This study also enlightens both private and puplic schools operation to see themselves as a partner in progress and not as rivals. They will go a long way in bringing dignity into the academic performance in both state schools and compensating the other.
          Furthermore, this study is more relevant to government in supervising the work done by the teacher of public secondary schools. The employment of qualified and adequate teachers teaching in public secondary schools. The payment of teacher salaries and benefits that cause strike action all the time which reduces work done by the teachers in public schools must be address to enhance better academic performance in public schools.
          Generally, puplic we be enlighten that, the success in the academic performance in the public and private secondary schools is not the duties of the government and parent alone by the duty of general public proclaiming the  gospel of western education have a way of improving growth and academic development in the country. By so doing, people and the entire community will see the important reasons why academic performance in our secondary school should be eradicated. It must be noted that the examination bodies in conjuction with ministry of education should perform their role in making our student in secondary schools performing better academically.
          despite the fact that their many secondary schools in Nigeria, this project is centered on six secondary schools where are public and the remaining three are private in a particular area in Ikole local government in Ekiti-state. Ikole local government was created in time of oId  ondo state with eighteen(18) post primary schools in Ikole local government, the local government has ten (10)post primary institution offering economics in tier curriculum .
          the study is delimited to senior secondary schools the external examination conducted in all subject area including economics at this level of education and easy accessibility to senior secondary schools in Ikole local government area under study.
          Academic standard: This is a criteria established by educational institute to determine levels of student achievement. International institution to determine levels of student achievement. International dictionary of Education (page and Hiomes 1977) page 201 social  provison of service concern helping those number of society least able to help themselves (page and Hiomes )1977 page 315
          Academic performance: Is the degree of educational accomplishment as a result of expose to learning experience which could be quality quatitatively Judge
          Teaching Devices or Aids: This is broadly inclusive  term signifying materials of any means, used by a teacher to promote stimulate or motivate  learning for example textbook, visual aids, model project, drill e.t.c
          Experience Economics :Teacher of economic is a person who have been teaching have being teaching the economics for the past fives years, and above, and he or she has broaded knowledge pf teaching with a good teaching methodology.
          Professional Qualify Teacher: this the capabilty of a teacher to posses and  attain a level infellectual dispensation in a course of study with a great dignity and important to society due to the role he performed e.g the teacher is a professional in teaching which the lawyer is a professional in law e.t.c
          Professional Quality Economics: This a person who was trained in teaching economics in university with a degree in Economics and education e.g B.SC. Ed Economics B.SC Economics plus P.G.D.E, Bed Economics
          The professional unqualified Economic economic,:This is a person who went to the university to study course related  to Economics without having teaching knowledge who study Business education at N.C.E level without degree in  Economics
          Private school: This is a school that is established by private individual or organization in which is not founded by government but by the order organisers of people that establish the school, individual or organisation  establish private inorder to impact knowledge to student and at the same time, also, to make profit.
          Public schools:this is the school that established and fund by the government and own by the government with the aim of helping it citizen inorder to be educated not to ,make profit like the private schools.
          The following hypothesis were formulated to guide the study:
1.There is no significance difference of states educational resources (Audio-visual/ Recording materials)between private and secondary school .
2. There is significant. Difference of students in private secondary schools performing better than those  puplic schools in Economics in the last five years.
3. There is no significance differences between observable student trend of academic performance in economics in the private and public schools in the last five years.

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