The study intends to investigate the use of computer in poultry keeping.
Questionnaire as research instrument was used to elicit information from the respondents.  Where as simple percentage was used for the analysis of the data.
It also explain the breed of poultry how they were classified in the poultry.  It also tells how computer is been used to known the number of chicks, broilers, hen and also the number of eggs hatched per day.

Title page                                                                              
Table of content                                                                 
Background to the study                                                                  
Purpose of the study                                                              
Statement of the Problem                                                             
Significant of the study                                                         
Scope and Limitation of the study                                         
Definition of the Terms                                                          
Literature review                                                                     
Brief History of Ebenezer Farm                                                       
Research Design                                                                     
Population of the study                                                          
Sample and Sampling Technique                                          
Research Instrument                                                               
Validation Reliability of the Instrument                                 
Method of Data Collection                                                     
Method of Data Analysis                                                                 
Result and Analysis                                                                
Background to the study
Poultry can be defined as those species of birds that render economic service to man and reproduce under his care.  Poultry can also be explained as the act of breeding animals that are in poultry e.g. fowls, guinea fowls, turkey pigeon etc. The main purpose of poultry keeping is for consumption and economics purpose.
Poultry husbanding is of two main types eggs and meat production.  Poultry embraces a number of species of importance to man by providing eggs, meat, recreation and some raw materials for industry.
They also serve cultural purpose like time keeping and cock fighting.  Considering the uses and user of poultry.  There is need for some degree of efficiency accuracy and care for daily need for management of such farm to have accurate and sufficient data to be able to come up with a reasonable decision such as knowing the number off eggs that are in stock, the type of food to provide and records of eggs sold.  Thus, the importance of good record keeping for successful poultry production and farm management cannot be overemphasized; Records are essentially profit and loss indicators: They also help to identify disease problems at the very early stage when they can be more readily controlled.  There are three types of records that must be kept by all poultry farmers.
a)                 Inventory: A list of all equipment, drugs, feeds and other items in use on the farm date of purchase cost and quantity of items should be appropriately kept.
b)                Production records should show date age of birds numbers mortality feed consumption culls and in the case of layer egg production.  It is usual to maintain a record sheet for each house or flock for daily recording weekly and monthly summaries should be made and used as a basis for evolving the appropriate operational management decisions.
c)                 Sales records show total product sold (chicks broilers culls eggs etc) and revenue collected.  It is absolutely essential to use different people for maintaining the production and sale records.  It is the responsibility of management to ensure that all eggs collected or birds produced are properly accounted for day to day.  This project is aimed at providing a means through which day to day activities can be kept in the computer and the number of eggs hatched per day.
Purpose of the study
This project is meant to state the usage of computer in poultry keeping.  Most especially the major area of production of eggs and chicks.
In each of these aspect of production there is need for accurate and timely manipulation of problem arising from operation; such as the problem of recording the numbers of egg, hatching egg and other products etc in trying to achieve these goals, the manual process of monitoring and controlling production process has given way to computerized method.
In the light of the above and for reasons of achieving accurate result from computer aided operations, this project is set to explain the role of computer in poultry keeping.
The use of Computer in Poultry keeping
The input of data or information that in the file i.e. number of egg hatched per day, numbers of chicks produced per day, number of broilers sold per day.  Addition of all calculations of poultry sold per day because records of these is kept anyhow, the use of computer is introduced.
In a meaningful practical poultry keeping records must be kept; These records will help the farmer to improve his productivity such records are also useful to other farmers and for teaching and research purposes.  Various types of records may be kept for practical purposes.  Some of such records are consumption and production records e.g. egg production record.
Advantages of Poultry Keeping
·                    It helps the farmer to know if he is making progress or not.
·                    It helps the farmer to make adequate plans for the future.
·                    In areas where facilities are available for loans and subsidies such records would be advantageous.
·                    It can be used to fix a price having considered the production records.
·                    It helps the farmer to know what he has in his farm total number of birds, cages, hatcheries etc.
·                    It reduces pilfering since the record shows clearly what one is expecting to find in different sections of the poultry farm.
·                    It is an asset to proper breeding programmes future expansions, adequate farm planning teaching and research purposes.
Basic programming language is used to write the program of this project.  The output that are given is the result of the processes.
Also, the number of times treatment were given to these birds could be recorded in the computer and these treatment are put together to determine the cost of raising each bird (either chicks or eggs).
Statement of the Problem
Starting from 1980s there was rapid development in the poultry industry in Nigeria.
There was healthy commercialization of the poultry business and many people were involved because the business was very profitable then, and poultry meat and eggs were available in Nigeria markets at affordable price.  But by 1986 as a result of change in the economic of country some of the steps taken brought disaster to the farmers. 
Storage of farm: This is a major problem which has drastically affect productivity and portability in poultry industry some broiler may not reach market weight until about 14 – 16 weeks.
Management Problems
Most people that are employed in the poultry farm have no specialized training.  They see it as an easy way of making money.
This has result in a lot of problems for poultry farmers.  In addition some of them are not interested in the job these can be controlled by employing well trained people to manage the farms.
Lack of Adequate Records:
It’s has led to greater losses in one way of the other.  In addition researcher always find it difficulty to collect information which  may help to improve the poultry farm.
Disease and Pests
There are also major cause of losses sustained in poultry business morality and mobility resulting from disease and pest (parasites) cause nothing less than twenty percent (20%) in the poultry farm.  There have been instances of some poultry farm that are completely wiped out by diseases like new castle and coccidiosis.
Proper sanitation  practice and pest and diseases control will help to reduce such losses.
This gate of the poultry farm’s fenced properly as much thieves comes there to disturb them at night.
Lack of Power Supply (Inadequate)
The electricity is not regularly supplied.  This always lead to disorderliness in the poultry service e.g. making a hell of noise by the farmer.
Significant of the study
This project exposes the latest technology development in Nigeria.  It also help to calculate the number of poultry products sold per day and know the records of everything in the farm.
The study will aid better decision to be taken by policy maker and good planning steps which is the pre-requisite of the project to be implemented.
It is useful for the fellow researcher in order to know the extent in which computer has been introduced to poultry keeping.

Scope and Limitation of the study
This research work will be limited to Ebenezer at Arigidi Akoko Ondo State alone research work will carry viz Ebenezer farm Arigidi.
The researcher will asses how the introduction of computer is being used in poultry keeping.
Definition of the Terms
          Computer: A computer is an electronic device or machine which is manufactured to accept data or sequence of instruction with speed and accuracy.
Poultry: The term poultry can be defined as the act of breading animals that are in poultry.
Poultry Keeping: This can be defined as the consumption and economic purpose.
Asper Gillusis: This can be defined as a respiratory diseases cause by the fungus.
Occipiosis: This is the blood stain dropping wing and standing closed to the eyes.
Gum Boro: This is known as infection bursal diseases.
Mediteranean Breed: These are characterized by small body size small while cloured eggs.
Cocks: Are the male binds through which eggs is hatched to chicks.


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