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Background of the study                                                                 
Purpose of the study                                                              
Objective of the study                                                           
Significance of the study                                                               
Statement of the study                                                            
Scope of the study                                                                          
Limitation of the study                                                        
Research Question                                                           
Definition of Term                                                                         

Review of Literature                                                           
The Religious Riots in Nigeria 1980 till date a critical
Population of the study                                                        
Sample and sampling teaching                                                       
Research instrument                                                               
Administrative of instrument                                                
Statistical Data Analysis                                                                
Results Presentation and analysis of Data                             
Presentation of finding                                                          

Religions is generally an essential part of human existence.  It is according to Idowu (1988) an in evitable and in escapable aspect of man little surprise therefore that Mbiti (1985) see all healthy human being as being “Notorious religious.
Religion has been variously definition by scholars, but as plethora as these definition might seem, each definition seems to reflect each scholars position and biases.
According to Boz man (2016). Religion can be defined as the acceptance of obligation towards powers higher than man himself.  With the belief that these higher power are of personal nature, and not more blink force. 
To Karl Marx (1826). Religion is the sign of the oppressed people that sentiment of a hear these world and the opium of the people.  However, another definition was raised by Holm (1927) and according to him. Religion is believe in a supreme being or beings.
Religion has always been an important phenomenon of human experience it has in fact been a universal phenomenon.  There is evidence of Religion in maxis thinking in one from or another these seems to be implemented deep in mans a need to make sense of his world.  To affirm that there is a purpose in the unwires that is not of man’s making, the structure of reality is some thing which belong to him.
Finally, each religion has it’s pattern of customer and rituals e.g. the rite of passage convention about good marriage etc. which form a frame work for the life of believer.  These are thing that are “just there that are taken for granted.  Religion provides security in time of crisis as well as giving members of community as sense of solidarity and belonging.  Religion is as old as man himself the basis of Religion is the universal situation in which he need of man satisfaction man find himself which confronted with formidable problems and old with consequences of the physical universe in which he lives.
Sigmund Trend (2016) believers that he is perpetually in a loosing battle with weariness, failure, and always threatened by the even disturbing fact of death.  By a process of mental mechanism know as projector he create for himself powers greater than himself, powers able to control and believer He imagines a world of other than this one and imagine also that there were Gods which exist in their world.  Trend says that various gods came unto being at just according to his own imagination.  Then these various gods merged into one.  Then man sees a God who the father as exalted father and relationship.  In short man had developed a religion of father complex.  Also in the theory of Enhemers the Gods of his theology with special reference to Olympian Gods could be traced to queens and nobles.  The deification may be one of the two ways some of them were exited to the divine rank after their death and some of them by shaver force of characterized themselves to the status before their death.  The two came into the something.  There is no doubt in the history of that deification has taken place.  Several Roman emperors were defend or raised themselves to the statuse or by profanation before their death also several queens in this country there are instance of deification among the Yoruba.  We have the Oduduwa who has worshiped as a God and at the same time according to history he was recognized as the ancestor of the Yoruba race so also sang he solar and thunder divinity was the youthful Alafin of Oyo and he was a man among men but in each case which we fined is that human being become defies only by absorbing the dieing attribute of a heavenly divinity and displaced the divinity either totally or partially in the panther.
The soil from evil deals and mind from doubles strengthen the characters and correct the think them the connection of man.
According to the manifest junction of religion is to:
1)                Unite or it services as unity among the people living in a country.
2)                Religion bring harmony in the society
3)                It acts as harmony in the society
4)                It improve or provide meaning to even man ought to happen.
5)                Religion promotes a sense of brother hold
6)                Religion provides for leadership
7)                It encourage people to accumulate wealth and wealthy.
          Religion sometimes serves as a yardstick used in determining or deciding those to pick as friends.  In this case, this is seen as one of the problems of religion as it may hinder free association of an individual in the society.  Religion also reveal, it problem in the occupation as well as it may hinder some people employment opportunity although it may serve as an advantage for some as their religion may serve a positive factor in their employment and also admission into instituting derive.  It also, the however noted that where religion is allowed to offer occupational there may not be security in the labour force, it may also hinder the employment of competent hands and person.  This unhealthy religion rivalry which the art may more than progress of the job environment as well as the achievement of the goals and objective of the organization.
Background of the study
Religion appears to have been essentially associate with man’s time consciences made him aware of his mortality, this causing sense of fundamental in security do prompting guest for post mortar security it is universally recognized that religion is in escapable as it permeates the whole of human believe and activities.  Every nation has gone through are form of religion development or another depending, on the intellectual growth cultural, development and spiritual education of the nation or race.  Each nations or race has throughout the ages, interpreted religious experience according to it spiritual discernment culture background and that is why have today a be wildering variety of religion.  Because, having known the origin of religion we can ask ourselves how many types of religious organization in Africa like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddlusm Toaism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Traditional, Lutheranism and African Traditional religion among others etc. but in Nigeria there are the traditional religion Christianity is the religion which is centered on Jesus Christ as the supreme revelation of God and as lord of his followers, and based upon is teaching.
Religion means psychological knot and complexes sublimates his instincts and aspiration and disciplines his desires and the whole course of life it improvise his knowledge’s of God the highest truth in the uniserse and of ourself, it teaches truth him about secret of life and the nature and how to treat them about good and evil about right and wrong.  It purifies probably the major area where religion problems is well pronounced is marriage.  Not only is marriage constricts are prevented between loves who are in adherent of the same set or group also feel the punch.  This act has caused a lot of problems which are too enormous to mention ranging from heart – irreaking, mental injury, permanent death, divorce and host of others.
Where marriage are contracted between lovers different religion or sect, another may be through which religion problems tries to rear its ugly head is which line with the child or children fellow.  How are the issues of the marriage be oriented, there is no doubt that another virtue and believes are easily picked up by the children to the father who may not want to be seen as a week head of the family may insist that the children will follow his religious doctrine.  In fact this led to problems, unrest and eventual collapse of many hither to peaceful family, society and the country as a whole.
Purpose of the study
          This study aims at studying the factors that constantly aid and reinforce religious crisis in Nigeria.
Religious crisis in Nigeria is clearly known to have repeatedly experience in Nigeria.  Based on the above point, it is conspicuous that the way or ways of curbing this social unrest or adversities and the age of destruction caused religious crisis should be sought out hence the man aim of the research the finding and suggestions of this research will serve as the tonic needed to save society in this illness.
Objective of the study
          The main objective of this study is to examine the effects of Religion crisis in Nigeria in Ilorin metropolis Area of Kwara State specifically, the study is out to:
i.                   Identify and examine the factors the contributing to the religious crisis in Ilorin Kwara State.
ii.                 Identify and examine the role of (CAN) Christian Association of Nigeria against the religion crisis in Nigeria, in Ilorin metropolis in Kwara State.
iii.              Recommend the possible solution to the problem facing the religion crisis in Ilorin Kwara State.
The Significance of the study
          The significance of the study is to end the destruction of the lives and properties, to act the seemingly unending proliferation of religious institution and to act the abuse by office.  Favouritism based on Religious factors and also undue politicalization of religion by some religious leaders, to end the properties, to act the distortions made to the original stipulated of the mother religion under the guise of farming the new denomination and sects.  To also bring people that should be more tolerance and accommodating of one another religion beliefs and practice and the religion difference should be de-emphasized and also to the our advised to be just on religious matter and be seen to and should effectively and justly mete – out punishment to religions rioters and who attributed remotely.  Therefore the problems is seen and should be treated with national mind in other to avert future occurrences.
Statement of the Problem
          In carrying out an exercise of this nature, the following questions will be discussed.
i.                   Is it possible that lack of adequate knowledge of the genuine teaching of Islamic and Christianity by the two religion cause religion crisis or not.
ii.                 Is it possible that lack of mutual respect of one another religions etiquette, belief and culture cause the religious crisis.
iii.              To what extent that the aggressive and millitatit preaching and evangelism cause the religion crisis in Nigeria.
iv.              To what extent and how is it true that proliferation of religion denomination and sect in Nigeria cause religion crisis.
v.                 To what extent does the religious crisis affect the people in Nigeria.
Scope of the study
          This project is limited to Religious crisis in Ilorin metropolis of Kwara State to limited time.
Limitation of the study
          The research is limited to the study of religious crisis in Ilorin metropolis of Kwara State for reasons of marking the research well convenient and manageable for me.  Although there are many town and village in Kwara State nonetheless, the study is limited to three local Government in Ilorin metropolis because of the following reasons.
i.                   Time constraints
ii.                 Financial problems
iii.              Labour cost
Research Question
1)                Is there any significant different between the preaching Religion leader and their followers?
2)                Is there any significant different between the commercialization of religious and guest for materializen by different religion?
3)                Is there any significant different between non – Educated people and Educated people?
4)                Is there any significant different between men and women jointly involve in causing religious crisis in Nigeria?
5)                Is there any significant in Christian activities and Islamic activities often as a result in religion crisis in Nigeria?
Definition of Terms
          Some certain words as they are used in this study where defined by the writer to enhance easy understanding of the word by the reader.
i.                   Religion means embraces a reference to the ritual, transcendental reality of faith as well as the ritual and common with the ultimate reality.
ii.                 Religion deals with the learning of the unseen supernatural God.  It also stress on the moral upbringing of the societies e.g. church and mosque.
iii.              Religion is an organized group of people who came together by reasons of common belief people in Nigeria believe in God.  But this believe are expressed in different way.
iv.              Religion is a total submission to the will of God.
v.                 Islamic Religion: This religion means “peace” as an Arabic word which means peace total submission to the will of Allah and belief in scripture (A1 – Quran) and prophet Muhammad.
vi.              Traditional Religion: This refers to the indigenous religious of the African which the people practice from life immemorial.


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