BUSINESS NAME: The name of the business shall be ADEFEMI BEANS CAKE PRODUCTION.
NATURE OF BUSINESS: This type of business is a one man business (SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP)
Akara is usually referred to as bean cake.  Osu, a town in Osun State used to be known for the commercial production of akara.  A visit to this town will convince you that akara production could be lucrative business.  Akara balls come in small or big sizes and could be sold for as little as N5 per ball.  This is relatively cheap and makes it easily affordable.  Some families now prefer now to buy akara from the producers instead of involving themselves in the making akara.
What is Business: Business can be defined as an organization business as an activity that satisfy human need and want by providing good and services for private profit.
Categories of Business
1)                Servicing business is concern with maintenance work and it include financing business.
2)                Distribution business is the one who bringing about a change of ownership of good between the producers of the goods and the consumers of the goods.
3)                Processing business this is business that subjected something to treatment intended to transform.
Characteristics of a Business
1)                Production must be able to produce in business organization
2)                 Organization is able to refers to the people that constitute the business unit.
The feasibility report of my business if my choice is BEANS CAKE MAKER.
Beans cake is a business that are made by only one person in other to make profit and of people in the society or community.
The procedure of Beans cake maker is when you are invest in business of selling good and nice product.
If you want to invest in Beans cake business you need to start with amount of money may be cash at hand or at cash at bank.
You need to start with amount of money like N100,000 Naira only.
Further more, about beans cake maker you need to process some thing like, the place you will settle, how the place is marketable or not marketable.  Hot and steaming akara is irresistible.  Sold at N10 a ball, you can sell up to N4,000 daily, especially if your kiosk is strategically located.
1)                Get a space in the motor park.
2)                What about near the secretariat
3)                Or any other busy area?
Consider employing two to fry all day while you supervise and collect your money.  You can add any choice spice or innovation.  A woman in Akure fries her akara without much pepper but produces a ground powdery mix (like suya spice) and calls it AKARA SUYA.  She hardly copes with satisfying her customers.
The Aim of Beans Cake
1)                It help us to involves in business activities
2)                It good for human satisfaction
3)                It keep us to busy
4)                It help us to know many people in the environment where the business is holding
5)                It make person know very well in all aspect
The Expenses of beans cake
1)                Place the of selling is 12,000 per year
2)                Beans purchases 40,000
3)                Fire wood 4,000
4)                Vegetable oil 13,000
5)                Pepper 1,000
6)                Onion 600
7)                Paper that you will use for selling it 500
8)                The place that you will ground it 200
9)                The fry plan 8,000
10)           The bowl that you will use to take it where to ground it 300
11)           Salt 1,000
12)           Spoon 1,400
13)           Workers 8,000
14)           Manager 10,000
Total =                 N100,000
The way there are preparing Beans cake are:
When you bought you Beans you will take it to where you will pieces it into small places.  Then you will make the measurement of cup you will do per day.
After you are measurement the cup you want to do in that day go and fetch water and pour water into the bean for washing.
·                    Soak beans in water for 15 to 20 minutes
·                    Remove beans covering
·                    Mix with pepper and onion (crayfish or fish is optional)
·                    Grind them together
·                    Put frying pan on fire, add oil of choice
·                    Drop desired size of akara in the hot oil and fry to desired brownness.
How to use NPV in Business organization.
The full meaning of NPV: Net Presences Value
Net Presence Value help us to calculate the profit that will gain from the business where doing during the each years.

The 15% percentage interest will be calculate as my NPV that will used as the expenses is concerning in the business.
The formular to calculate Net presence value (NPV).
NPV = R1     +     R2      +       R3      +       Rn   
          (1+r)           (1+r)2          (1+r)3          (1+r) n C

= 40

30,000        +       50,000        +       70,000        +       90,000   + 100,000
(1+0.4)                 (1+0.4)2                (1+0.4)3                (1+0.4)4    (1+0.4)5

= 100,000

30,000        +       50,000        +       70,000        +       90,000   + 100,000
(1.4)1                    (1.4)2                    (1.4)3                    (1.4)4           (1.4)5

30,000        +    50,000  +    70,000  +   90,000   +       100,000 
1.4                     1.96           2.744        3.8416              5.37824 – 100,000
= NPV = 21425.571 + 25510.204 + 23427.74 + 18593.443 – 100,000

N.P.V = 25599160.96 – 100,000


The N.P.V value is great than zero we can see that the business is very profitable in business activities.

With all finding, will can see that the business is very profitable kindly help me to accept the business of my choice as bean cake maker production known as (Akara).
Finally, bean cake maker production business that woman can invest in organization activities.

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