This research work is to focus attention on impact of education on Opa-Oguru festival in the life of Emure Ekiti community.
          It is quite true that Opa-Oguru festival in Emure Ekiti is performed to correct ills in the society. It is a social festival that is against the evil doings of Emure citizens.
          The festival is performed once in a year during the 6th month of the year. The most important people that feature in the festival are Chief Oloekun, Olotu Igbamo, Ajaka and Oloture. Before the commencement of the festival, there should be a sacrifice offered by the king. It is mostly performed by the Igbamo, the age grades. The festival brings about educational, socio-political and economic progress in the town with the support of the priests and all the people that are directly connected with the festival.
Title page                                                                                
CHAPTER ONE                   
Background of the study                                                                 
Purpose of the study                                                               
Significance of the study                                                                   
Delimitation of the study                                                                  
Scope of the study                                                                            
Research Question                                                                   
Definition of key terms                                                            
Review of Related Literature                                                   
Historical Background of Emure Ekiti                                              
African and Traditional Religion                                             
General pattern of African Traditional Religion                      
Research Methodology                                                            
Population and Sample                                                           
Administration of Instrument and Data collection                            
Method of Data Analysis                                                                  
Result and Discussion                                                             
Analysis of Research Question                                                         
Discussion of findings                                                             
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation                          
Suggestion for further studies                                                 

Background to the study
          African traditional religious plays an important role in the life of the Yoruba society. It has been in existence before the introduction of Islam and Christianity religions into our society.
          African traditional religion is the study of people that are in all things religious with this; they apply religious to the social, economic, education, intellectual and spiritual life.
          Also African traditional religious offers opportunity for the indigenous sons and daughters of a particular community including Muslims and Christians of home and abroad to come together at least once in a year.
          And this gives rise to enlightenment of each other of educational and economic level. African traditional religion brings about social life and makes no rigid destination between the sacred and life. It also brings about unity and fellowship in which non-members of the religion have opportunity for active participation in the social activities, there are many traditional festival of which Opa-Oguru is most important and colourful for its socio-cultural education and economic significance and important.
Purpose of the study
          The purpose of carrying out this research is to let the general readers be aware that Opa-Oguru festival is a social festival which contributes to the socio-cultural development of the entire Emure community.
          Some researchers who had written on this festival based their research on the musical aspect only but the festival both on social and educational aspect of the festival.
Significance of the study
          The findings of this study will be very useful most especially in the following areas.
          The study would discuss in details the moral life of Emure community. It will also let the surroundings communities know and understand the don’ts of Emure Ekiti.
Delimitation of the study
          However, the research faced a lot of problem during the collection of information and interviewing the people who are directly connected with Opa-Oguru festival in Emure Ekiti.
          Most of the information was illiterates and they were very old ad which they almost lost their memories.
          The old age also prevents them from giving practical demonstration of important aspect of the festival.
Scope of the study
          The research is limited to Emure Ekiti community only even though the researcher is aware of the surrounding communities where similar festivals are being celebrated, but that of Emure Ekiti is quite unique with the community and its environment.
Research Questions
          The following research questions would be addressed in the study:
1.     What is the origin of Opa-Oguru festival in Emure Ekiti?
2.     What is the significance of the festival in the life of Emure Ekiti community?
3.     What is the relationship between the festival and the western Asia culture i.e. Christianity and Islam?
4.     What are the roles of Opa-Oguru priests during the festival?
Definition of key Terms
OPA-OGURU – This is a social festival performed in Emure Ekiti to correct evil practices of the citizens
IGBO OWA – A village near Emure Ile.
OSE REE – Baoba tree in front of Elemure palace which the people dance around for about seven times before performing the festival rituals.
UPE – Traditional trumpet used to assemble the people and also to he-raid the approach of the festival. It is blown for 14days before the commencement of the festival.
OGURU – This is a rock where Emure people escaped through during Erele war, between Emure community and Igbobin people.
OBA Okirikisi Omo Otaninmosoye – This is the title given to the first king of Emure Ekiti town when they were coming from Ugbo-Owa to settle in their present abode or settlement.

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