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          Background of the Study                                                                                Statement of the Problem                                                     
          Purpose of the study                                                                              Significance of the study                                                   
Research question                                                              
CHAPTER TWO: REVIEW OF LITERATURE                                  
CHAPTER THREE: METHODOLOGY                                                       
          Research Design                                                           
          Population of the Study                                                
Research Instrument                                         
Sample of the study                                                          
Validity and Reliability of the Instrument              
Procedure for Data Analysis                                    
chnique ple          


The study focused on the implication of home on academic performance of students in economic study specifics, the study divide into socio economic study of parents as it affects the academic excellence of students in Nigeria secondary schools. The study used primary data obtained from secondary schools in Ikere local government, Ekiti State. Eighty (80) respondents were sampled using random sampling technique. The data were analysed with simple percentage method. It was found out that the socio economic and educational background of the respondent parents have a significant implication on the academic performance of the students. So it was recommended that parents should use educational and wealth to uplift the education of their children.

Background to the Study
Education is the best legacy a nation can give to her citizen especially the youth. This is because the development of any nation or community depends largely on the equality of education of such a nation and an adages says ‘charity” begins at home” which means the success of failure of any child begins at home” the home is the first place of contact of the child the importance at home in shaping educational attitude and attainment cannot be overemphasized.
There are many factors that can be attributed to the home as a whole and each of them has a role to play on the education achievement will be obtain from this research .
Home environment is classified under four heading or sectors as in relation to how it affect the child education success, family home, pupils and ambition of the child.
There is the issue about the family information in this category concerns such factors as the present status of the parents, the size in the family and the education and occupational level of the parents. It is believed that its broken and unstable home the children have no emotional security and this many have an adverse effect on their school work usually the responsibility of the child is taking care of just by one of the parents instead at their combined efforts.
Also when there are many children in a home enough attention cannot be give to all of them and this redness their chances of performing well in school. Educational parent often help their children to realize the value of education. The children of such parent have the tendency in future their education and attain the level of their parent’s education at even a higher one. When children were still young, they see themselves as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, etc. in futures just because their parents may be one of them. This sort of attitude helps a lot in their educational achievement, more so such parent are able to pay their academic children’s school fees and get them the necessary materials that will help them on learning. Home background is another relevant item which is concerned with the interaction between the parent and their children. According (PISA) (Prof Gremme international student Assessment (2000) stated that influences academic and educational success of student and school work which socio economic success of students and school work which socio economic status reinforce the activities and functioning if the teachers and students.
From the above it is revealed that the quality of parents and home background of a student go a long way to predict the quality and regularity at the satisfaction and provision of a child’s functional survival and academic needs.
Also the parents attitude toward the child academic progress and the future employment and encouragement the parent given to the child in his school work are important here.
Parents attitude towards the children educational progress seems to contribute very much in their school attainment, some parents may not be very well education but they encourage their children a lot towards education. This may be showing a lot of interest. This child work and by verbal appraisal such children also tend to do well at school.
The pupils background too cannot be over looked this deals with the reading habits of the children and also how they spend their relocation time. There is not doubt that a child will have an edge over others in academic performance if the child at home has a regular study and also trained to make good use of their spare time. He enjoys readings and will always like to search for knowledge in book such upbringing definitely will make a child perform well at school.
Lastly, there is this case ambition of the child. A child who ambition is always want to know and this he to prepared to lean vice versa.
There would this appear to be a common thread linking all afford mentioned factors or home background, emotional stability, freedom from tension and from economic insecurity and consistent encouragement from parent are from economic insecurity and consistent encouragement from parents are necessary for a child if his school is to reach the potential of the child.
The socio economic status of parents too difference, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor as related to children’s educational attainment. And thus gap does not give equal opportunities for instance, there is the tendency for children in rich home to discuss finally with parents on how fair they are on their academic while children from poor home may find it difficult to ask question and discuss freely with their parent. Because of these differences it will be interesting to find out the relationship of home environment and educational achievement of secondary schools in Ekiti State of all the agents of education. Home plays an indisputable role in making the child what he or she becomes in future. The maiden training / education begins from home, it is the foundation of all subsequent step or achievement to be accomplished in later life. However different child’s nails from different home with different background, these difference have had immense influence in the performance of pupils on the academic pursuits.                  
Statement of the Problem
 The rate of failure of student in the senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE) on the recent time is alarming and of great concern to parents / government and concerned individuals.
This statement of problem  will lead us in finding out through major reason, questions why there is influence of home on academic performance of students in economics in secondary school in Ikere local government area.
The probing questions are below
-                     Is there any significant difference in the attitude of student from different socio-economic background toward their educational level?
-                     Is there any difference between the student from educated and non educated families?
-                     Is there any difference between the student from divorce and non divorce families?
Objective of the Study
The study therefore intends to find out the influence of parents on the academic performance of student in economics in secondary school in Ekiti State. In particular the study investigated the influence of education social and economic background of parents on the performances of students in secondary school.
i.                   Determine whether or not student academic achievement is influenced by the type of marriage of the parents.
ii.                 Determine if the socio-economic status of parent has something to do with the student academic performance
iii.              Compare the academic performance of students from divorced and non divorced homes.
Research Questions
While efforts were made to focus attention on the home and the student achievement.
The following research questions were raised:
1.                 Does the types of marriage of the parent influences academic performance of their children?
2.                 Does parent socio-economic status influences academic performance of their children?
3.                 Does parent educational level affect the academic performance of their children              
Significance of the Study
This piece of work will intend to offer the best to student, teachers, and the general public useful suggestions on how best student can perform well in their academic at the senior secondary school level. The study will also help in finding lasting solution to the influence of home on academic performance of student in economic in secondary school level. It will go a long way to check similar occurrence among students at the senior secondary school stage. It is expected too that this study will assist student to put up extra  force to enable them to meet the required standard for learning.
This study was targeted at given the general public the awareness of the seriousness of their children at the senior secondary school level. It will afford the generally of the public to advice the students to develop the spirit at attaining success on their academic endeavour. The finally of this investigation would be of help to the government, teachers, researcher especially parents to take necessary measures in other to avoid any condition that can have bad influence on the academic performance of students.
Delimitation of the Study
The study covered Ekiti State. However, it is delimitated to Ikere local government area.
It will cover the senior secondary school student (SSII) in the Ikere  local government area only as a case study


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