This study investigate the impact of Radio and Television Campaign on Cultism in Higher Institution a case study of Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. The study was carried out in Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti which also affects other institutions as well. The sample consisted of 70 students of the school being selected as the case study and 30 staff of the school used as the study. The instruments were employed to investigate the impact of Radio and Television Campaign create limitation to cultism in higher institution.

Title page                                                                                                
Table of content                                                                                        
CHAPTER ONE: Introduction                                                                
·        Educational Technology in Nigerian Higher Institution                             
·        Significance of the Study                                                                           
·        Statement of the problem                                                                  
·        Aims and Objectives                                                                        
·        Purpose of the Study                                                                      
·        Research Method                                                                             
·        Scope of the study                                                                                     
·        Definition of Terms                                                                          
CHAPTER TWO: Literature Review                                                                  
v History of Internet                                                                                     
v The Internet                                                                                      
v Use of Internet in Higher Institution                                                
Ø Research Design                                                                               
Ø Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                   
Ø Research instrument and Validity                                                 
Ø Data Collection                                                                                 
? Discussion of findings                                                                    
? Summary                                                                                         
? Conclusion                                                                                      
? Recommendation                                                                            
          The impact of radio and television campaign on cultism in Nigeria cannot be determined. Instead, it has gotten enough recognition in our society and beyond because the extent at which campus cultism is increasing in Nigeria.
          Tertiary institution of learning is alarming and fear always grip the heart of Nigeria students who lives with one eyes closed and the other widely open in alert, all in the name of not wanting to fall victim of the menace since the formation of secret cult in Nigeria by same group of people led by Professor Oluwole Soyinka with the believe that it would be used to propagate a peculiar idea, while every of their plans are kept secret without revealing it to anyone now, the story has changed drastically. The once secret keeping god had now turned to secret cult of blood intimidation of learning across is so rampant and has been extended to same primary and secondary schools in Nigeria, campus cultism has now promotes to child abuse, human and drug trafficking, rapping, killing e.t.c. violence is everywhere in Nigeria especially on campus, lives are lost students are maimed, some killed and all other criminal activities are not expected all happen in the glory name of cultism in the society. In this case, radio and television have a major role to play in campaign against this deadly minister in Nigeria. However all other media agencies are not left out one and only rely on both the radio and television in curbing the existence of cultism in our widest, because they present all programmes advert, or jingles and some other things that could give a thought to the youths and they all reach every nooks and craning of the country in information dissemination.
Statement of Problem
          The larger percentage of Nigerian students in tertiary institution and post primary institution are cultists.
This indescribable and pathetic situation has been bothering the local state, federal government and the general populace at large.
          The problem of campus cultism in the country has put many of campus cultism in the country has put many institution and families into problem while many institution academics session get extended all because of cultism. For example a student who is supposed to spend four years in university might end up spending six years(6) if clash or be a member of the cultist, these and many other problems are the reason why radio and television station embark on campaign against campus cultism. Therefore, this project with look at the impact of radio and television campaign and cultism in institution using Ekiti state university as case study.
Research Question
(1) How far have radio and television gene in affecting attitudinal change among the students of the institution.
(2) How far have radio and television enlightens campaign gave in educating and informing the students and he danger of social vice (cultism)
(3) Should students be blamed for the increase in campus cultism in the institution?
(4) Should Oluwole Soyinka be blamed for this the issue of cultism.
Objectives of the Study
The main objectives of this research work are: to let people know the impact of how far radio and television in campaigning against cultism in our institution.
i.                   to promote programmes and idea that will distract the attentions of all and Sunday from associating or been a member of a cult.
ii.                 to shed more light on the existence of cultism on our various campuses, secondary schools and society at large.
In relation to this, same Nigeria how far have radio and television is a medium through wish people catch fun and pay attention to information which is broadcast and the how far have radio and televisions, when much attention is paid to how far radio and television programmes, ideas of highly intelligent people will help to curb this as if affect on youths.
In fact, children who watch television and listen to radio campaign against campus cultism will not find it difficult to say no to cultism even when they are threatened or been lured by the friends.
Similarly, this helps to throw more light an how cultism an campus and secondary schools embark on their identities easy to reveal however, radio and television have a lot of work to do in campaigning against the ugly situation i.e. radio and television are the medium through wish enough and adequate information can be spread widely across the country. Programmes like drama, talk, quiz, debates encourage stopping the menace. This will let the people know the danger in cultism and let do away with the shammed act.
Significance of the Study
This research project work has a grant importance to the society, in particularly academic environments. Indeed how far have radio and television create awareness of the presence of cultism in our society. All Nigeria higher institution is now on the bondage of cultism and gradually, cultism is now heard amidst of secondary school students where they threaten themselves, raping sexual harassment and crimes are committed by the students that had been injected with the spirit of the minister cultism in Nigeria where this project research same of the relevance of the study and tools used for campaign.
·        definition of cultism and mass media
·        the hazard of been a member of a cult.
·        influence of cultism in higher institution
·        influence of mass media campaign an higher institution
·        the have caused by cultism to the society
·        the study tells and sundry to shun cultism in our society.
·        materials used for awareness against cultism in institution.
i.                   handbills.
ii.                  Posters
iii.               drama series
iv.              jingles
This research project will open us to know more and better of how far have radio and television began their operation in the country and how far they had gone both in informing educating and at all the same time entertaining the general public.
Scope of the Study
This research work will look at the definition of cultism. Its effects and way forward it will also examine the origin of cultism in Nigeria i.e. who, what and when it started. The role how far have radio and television have played to make sure that this “monster” called cultism is stamped out on our variance across the country will also be discussed.
Ekiti State University (EKSU) Ado Ekiti was chosen as my case study and this research work.
Limited my research work an Ekiti State University and the issue of finance, but as this case, it represent the other higher institutions.


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