Chapter One
 1.1    Background of the Study
            It has been a problem yet unresolved that a lot of students passed out of the primary schools every year but few number of them continue their education and in some cases  many withdrawn from the school before getting to the final year some were also hampered due to financial constraints while others become deviants because of excess money given to them in pursuits of their academic goals.
            It also argued that some of the pupils from low socio-economic status dropped out in the final year of their primary school career.  Thus such an attitude prevailed as a result of lack of parental guidance before entering the school.
            Most of sociological studies believe that  children from lower-economic status background, on the average perform less academically than those from middle and upper socio-economic status levels (Floud and Hasley 1961).
            It has been observed by sociologists that the socio-economic status of a child would determine the limit of child’s achievement but it is argued that the environment would dictate the level and individual could reach.  To support this arguement, Barker (1977) shows that the environment is the surrounding condition that influence the potentials of a child.
            Broken (1947), in his own study shows that man was not like the nucleus plant about his feet for he  could see beyond his sight and with his hands but not alone could the bird and beast only with others could he match his strength with nature.
           Experience has shown that level of parental education affects the educational attainment of a child.  It is argued that if parents are highly educated, they might want their child attain more educational levels than themselves. The parental educational attainments could even be a motivating factor for a child.
            Parental occupation level appears to be one of the factors  effecting the educati9onal attainment of a child.  There are instances where parents embark on private business.  The effect of this is that the children from these families automatically step into their parents, occupations regarding higher educational attainment as important in order to succeed in business.
        major factor that dictates the level of education a child attains for  the home in the first social contact of a child.
            It is the home that helps in the transition of child from the original to human.  The extent to which a child behaves may likely affect his academic attainment.  Therefore, a home where elaborate code is used, there is the like hood for a child to be curious and this in turn many assist a child in higher educational attainment.
            Furthermore, the housing condition, the family size and materials care, in particular are all important factors in building up a Childs concept of himself and this invariably affects his academic performances.
    It is against this background that the researcher investigates the effects of family backgroung on the education attainment of pupils in primary school in Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.
          The problem of the study is a common feature nowadays, many children dropped out of schools; many keep repeating classes and changing from one school to another at the end of their academic pursuit.

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